Nine axes Viva Laughlin

Channel Nine has axed one of its brightest new hopes, Viva Laughlin, after just one night.

The show struggled last night with only 833,000 viewers.

Nine had pinned a lot on the musical mystery when it picked up the show midway through the year. It screened the show only days after its US premiere, which may ultimately prove a fatal move.

In America the remake of the BBC’s Blackpool was heavily criticized, quickly attracting the ominously titled questioned, “worst show ever?”

Last night during the live broadcast of Who Wants to be a Millionaire even former CEO Eddie McGuire mentioned the criticism in passing, possibly hoping viewers might tune in to see just how bad it was.

Viva Laughlin will replaced next monday by the movie Two Weeks Notice, ironically brought into TV schedules with less than one week’s notice.

Meanwhile the Seven Network enjoyed a seamless Monday evening with a 34.6% share to Nine’s 22.0% and TEN’s 19.8%.

There is better news in store for Nine with two of its other acquisitions faring better in the US. Sitcom Big Bang Theory has won a full series from CBS and quirky drama Pushing Daisies is attracting a buzz as an original new show.

UPDATED: Nine will now screen the second and final ep of Viva Laughlin at 10:35pm this coming Monday night, Oct 29.

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  1. Updated:

    Mon 29
    8:30pm Movie: Two Weeks Notice
    10:35pm Viva Laughlin ep 2

    Mon Nov 5
    8:30pm Movie: Meet the Parents
    10:45pm Weeds
    11:20pm Girls of the Playboy Mansion

  2. It is obvious that those in charge of programming at NINE have no idea what they are doing … fire them! Then give people like me and a few others who actually LOVE watching TV a lot less money to do their jobs … see what a difference we would make … it would be clear to us after only a few minutes of the first episode that Viva Laughlin would not work … even the name is crap!

  3. Two Weeks Notice was scheduled to screen at 9.30 Monday anyway; Nine have just moved it an hour earlier.

    That leaves them now with a gap at 10.30… perhaps they should bring back Weeds and Girls of the Playboy Mansion? At least those programmes had a following!

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