Pushing Daisies wins full season

Some good news today for Channel Nine with US series Pushing Daisies winning a full season from ABC.

The offbeat drama tells the story of Ned, a pie maker who has the unique ability of being able to bring back the dead with the touch of his finger. But with that comes the downside that he can’t touch anybody without popping them off too.

The series, which has attracted good ratings and reviews, bursts with more colour than Ugly Betty.

It is created by Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls).

Others in the cast include Chi McBride, Swoosie Kurtz, Ellen Greene, Kristin Chenoweth and Jim Dale as Narrator.

Filmmaker Barry Sonnenfeld who directed Men in Black, The Addams Family and Get Shorty is one of the producers.


  1. This show deserves alot more. Its like Amelie went to the funeral home in Six Feet Under and they made a show about it. I absoloutly love it. It doesnt deserve the treatment Ch. 9 is gona give it.
    This show is more suited more to Ch 10 or 7.

  2. There is no way nine will treat this show with any contempt, it will either not get shown at all, or will be shown in “funny” time slots(either late at night or on a Saturday afternoon- like they did with everwood and also wonderfalls).
    I Have seen all of the episodes shown in the US so far and I can guarantee that it won’t get a fair run on nine.

  3. I’ve seen the first few episodes and it may be an early call, but this show is the best thing i’ve seen on TV in years.

    However i highly doubt that nine will give it a chance, and i refuse to get my hopes up (like i did for weeds).

  4. How does its quirky nature suit Nine better than Seven? If anything, that will be the thing that kills is for Nine.

    I’d give my right testicle away if it actually did over a million on Nine. They WILL dump it in some crappy slot, they WILL switch the timeslots around and they WILL dump it within a matter of weeks. And really, this, Big Shots and Cashmere Mafia will not put Nine back on track. Not only would Nine need far more shows than that to be back on track, but they would need to win back the countless disenfranchised viewers who are too scared of watching anything lest Nine cancels it weeks later….

    No, Nine have buried their own graves as of late, and brilliant shows like this (which they WILL screw around with) will not slowly help bring them back….

  5. No one is saying it will propel Nine back to the top by itself but it can’t hurt to have a show like this that given a decent lead in will probably do over a million. And it’s quirky nature probably suits Nine more then Seven which is more geared towards oldies fare like National Bingo Night and DWTS.Ten would suit it given it’s younger audience but Nine will be fine. Add in Big Shots & possibly Cashmere Mafia and Nine are on the right track.

  6. Agreed – it’s way too good for the network that didn’t even know it was screening ‘Wonderfalls’. Will probably succumb to Nine’s ‘air three episodes and then dump it’ policy..

    ah, remember the good old days when Nine used to show Hill Street Blues, St Elsewhere, Taxi, Lou Grant…

  7. I think this show is really delightful; it is so whimsical, inventive and refreshing.

    But as others are noting it’s probably not ch.9 material so it may well end up in the 10.30/11.30 graveyard.

  8. It’s an interesting show, but the subject matter, quirkyness, narration and over the top mise en scène will polarise audiences.

    I can’t imagine it being 9’s great hope let alone them screening the whole season at the same timeslot.

    Still, let’s hope they give it a chance!

  9. Good news for Nine? Please, don’t make me laugh!

    This is going to go into the Six Feet Under/The Sopranos/Weeds pile. They’ll probably go on about how great it is, stick it on a 9.30/10.30 spot on a Monday night and then slowly kill it off by moving its timeslot, changing days and putting it on again and off again.

    No thanks, I’ll just find other ways of watching it….

  10. There is no way this show will ever survive on Nine, given its current programming focus on locally made programs created from ideas that are stuck in the ’90s.

  11. Good news as this looks like a winner for Nine.As Nine get more US hits they will slowly claw their way back to the top. The last successful US show for Nine was CSI:NY and that was three years ago!

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