Returning: Shameless

The dysfunctional Gallagher family of Shameless will return in new series for SBS this month.

The series based on the upbringing of writer Paul Abbott will return at 10pm on Monday October 22.

This is the fourth series of the hit show.

A fifth series has also been commissioned by Channel 4 for 2008.

Paul Abbott’s multi award-winning series returns. This year the residents of Manchester’s most outrageous estate will have two new cops to contend with when smart sexy Carrie and Tom arrive.

The Gallaghers have teamed up with local gangster family, the Maguires. After a stint in prison, Jamie Maguire returns and sparks fly with barmaid Karen. Then there are his brothers; not-so bright Shane, and Micky Maguire, a wannabe hard man struggling with his own secrets.

Back at the Gallagher’s, Frank is sent into a spin when mum Monica shows up, claiming to be back for good. Surely the house isn’t big enough for her and Sheila? Lip is struggling with parenting, and Ian is looking for love. Carl’s busy on a crime spree, while Debbie decides to interview potential boyfriends.

Carol is still having trouble keeping her legs and mouth shut, while Kash is happy screwing the council. And what is the connection between Kev, Veronica, Marty, Sue and a Romanian baby? Life as normal on the Chatsworth estate.


  1. yeah I watch this show in bed while my partner tries to sleep. Its hard to explain to her why I watch this show … and…I cant ..but I keep watching… maybe its their accents

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