Rove finds romance again

Rove McManus has found romance again in actress Tasma Walton, according to his manager Kevin Whyte.

“It’s still early days and we hope people will give them the space they need,” he said in a statement.

Walton, a former regular on Blue Heelers, is believed to have been dating McManus for six weeks says the Daily Telegraph, but the Herald-Sun puts the friendship at four months.

The actress who last appeared in Nine’s Little Oberon telemovie is spending time writing and has an acting gig on a US film.

UPDATED: “The couple are not living together in McManus’ Richmond home, as has been reported, although Walton did reportedly move to Melbourne at the end of September for a script-writing job.” -Kevin Whyte.

Photo: NineMSN



    The Herald Sun now states:

    “There have been reports that the couple have moved in together to his Richmond home after Walton was photographer moving boxes, but McManus’s spokesperson Maria Farmer said the couple were living separately.”

  2. great to see..I think Rove gave all to Belinda..that is all that can be asked..unless you have been through a death of a partner, you never understand the sadness that you face each day dreading that death..He now deserves a life where he can be a father and a husband.It must have been terribly lonely for him

  3. I’ve seen Rove at the gym with a girl who I now know is Tasma..They seemed really happy.great news for someone who had been living under stressful coditions.

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