SBS Summer Schedule

SBS has released information on its upcoming Summer schedule.

It will feature new episodes of Mythbusters, Top Gear, Drawn Together, Newstopia, RocKwiz and Shameless.

Its new programming will include a local version of the UK’s Who Do You Think You Are, the racy British teen drama Skins, the observational series Real Top Guns and the launch of a new Australian drama, East West 101.

East West 101 is a 6 part mini series about the investigations of the Major Crime Squad in Metropolitan Sydney. It follows two detectives – one a Muslim, the other Anglo-Australian, and the battle between them for survival.

The cast features William McInnes, Susie Porter, Don Hany and Daniela Farinacci, and it is created by creatives from The Leaving of Liverpool and White Collar Blue.

Skins is based around teenagers aged 16-18 from Bristol. Each episode focuses heavily on one of the group of friends some of whom are Muslim, gay, suffering an eating disorder, privileged, trying to lose their virginity or are the party animal.

Real Top Guns is a 6 part series made in conjunction with the Royal Australian Air Force.

The Aussies that will comprise the subject of the genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are can be found here.

7.30 Who Do You Think You Are?
8.30 Science Docs
9.30 Movie

7.30 Mythbusters / Top Gear
8.30 South Park rpt
9.00 Drawn Together
9.30 News
10.00 Shameless / Skins

7.30 Docs
8.30 Cutting Edge
9.30 News
10.00 Hot Docs

7.30 Food Safari
8.00 Real Top Guns
8.30 Docs
9.30 News
10.00 Newstopia / Movies

7.30 Inspector Rex rpt
8.30 East West 101
9.30 News
10.00 Movie Show
10.10 Movie

7.30 Diamond Road
8.30 Two men in a Trench
9.30 News
10.00 XY Docs

7.30 Top Gear rpt
8.30 Long Way Round
9.20 Rockwiz
10.15 Movie

Summer Programming

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  1. Bring back Iron Chef for goodness sake! The chronology was going fine up until the second Iron Chef Japanese made his appearance and then SBS winds back the clock again!

    Get on the blower to Food Network USA and get some more episodes already. There are at least another hundred episodes to watch!

  2. what, no Iron Chef? Although I am a bit tired watching episodes that are obviously over 10 years old, hopefully SBS will buy some new ones (and not the American version).. and when are we going to see Iron Chef Italian in action?!? 🙂

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