Separated at Birth?

As I watched the first episode of Michelle Ryan as the new Bionic Woman I kept feeling like she reminded me of somebody.

And I don’t mean Lindsay Wagner.

Then it hit me. Vanessa Amorosi.


In fact, even David Duchovny’s daughter in Californication, actress Madeline Martine could be split from the same atom.

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  1. relaunching, eh?

    Well let’s hope she offers up something half decent this time…it might help her longevity…plus I have a feeling there is a very low limit on the number of reaunches people will tolerate. 😉

  2. I don’t think they look alike at all. Although speaking of Californication, Natascha McElhone reminds me of Bridgette Wilson (from Billy Madison) when I saw her in the first few episodes of the show.

  3. I dont know what your smoking dude, but ease ofF!!
    For one thing, i dont see the point of the post lol, and second of all maybe because there all brunettes its playing with ya head.
    I cant see how Vanessa Amorosi could be confused with anybody that has talent…

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