Seven selling snake show

Salesmen who used to wander the American frontier were known to peddle snake oil. Now our television networks are about to borrow a leaf from their book.

Channel Seven is looking for participants for a new show that will cure them of their fear of snakes. Yowza.

“We’re looking for people who wish to be treated for their phobia by a team of trained professionals. The treatment is free but you must be willing to be filmed for a new television programme,” says the Seven website.

Talk about turning a Fear Factor segment into a whole show. I guess the Worm had its own show, now they’re evening out the balance?

If you’re interested in this ludicrous idea, and available on November 15 (not sure which city) feel free to apply, because I sure won’t be. I could barely even bring myself to put a picture of a snake on this site! So I settled for a smily, cartoon snake. Anything real would have turned away my traffic!

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  1. What a DUMB idea for a TV show. How possibly can they make THAT entertaining is beyond me. No doubt the entire show is going to consist of participants screaming their lungs out and prancing around in fear.

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