Third series for Blue Water High

The ABC today began shooting the third series of Blue Water High on Sydney’s northern beaches.

The show has been a quiet achiever for the ABC, picking up awards and doing well in international sales. It was originally co-produced by a German broadcaster.

Executive Producer Noel Price said, “We weren’t expecting to do a third series of Blue Water High but the huge demand for it both locally and internationally has been impossible to resist.”

Set at the Solar Blue Surf Academy, the show will again focus on three males and three females all hoping for a shot on the professional surfing circuit.

Press Release:

Today, ABC TV and Southern Star Entertainment begin production on a third series of the award-winning teen drama, Blue Water High. The 26-part series will be shot on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, long sunny days… Blue Water High follows six, lucky 16-year olds, selected for an intensive, 12 month residential surfing and schooling program at Solar Blue Surf Academy.

Fresh from working on a new film alongside Guy Pearce and Miranda Otto is Kate Bell, who returns as Bec for series three of this hit surf drama. She is joined by Craig Horner (H20, Two Twisted, Totally Wild, Blurred) who plays Garry. Bec and Garry are in charge of the new Solar Blue pupils: Guy (Kain O’Keefe – Swimming Upstream, Fireflies); Charley (Lachlan Buchanan – Newcastle); Adam (Eka Darville – Nim’s Island); Bridget (Cariba Heine – H20 Just Add Water); Lauren (Amy Beckwith); and Cassie (Rebecca Breeds).

These aspiring pupils are all competing for that elusive wild card to get onto the world pro-surfing circuit. But things aren’t quite the same at Solar Blue. The Academy has been taken over by new management, and they’ve instigated major changes. The waves still roll in as big as ever though, and for a 16-year-old, life at Blue Water beach is about as good as it gets.

Southern Star Executive Producer, Noel Price says “We weren’t expecting to do a third series of Blue Water High but the huge demand for it both locally and internationally has been impossible to resist. While the new season will maintain many of the fundamentals of previous series, we are using the opportunity to introduce some fresh elements and different story telling techniques which we hope our very enthusiastic audience will find as engaging and entertaining as ever.”

ABC TV’s Executive Head of Children’s, Tim Brooke-Hunt says “I am delighted that this highly popular show will continue on ABC. Its proven appeal with the teen audience both in Australia and overseas will ensure that this new series will be a highlight of our future schedule.”


  1. Hey guys im back
    guess wat im even more excited now
    i made my cronicles with my asian oriented BWH dolls and u can find them on ebay just for show u cant buy them cause i set the price to 100$ each.
    so guys
    i have been writing on the facebook page every single day i really am a good actor and i want to be in BWH 😛
    I hope everyone is doing well and having fun with BWH.
    so guys its gonzo girl peace out brothers xoxooxoxooxoxoxxox mwah BWH FANS word bro xx

  2. hey boys and girls,
    its me again gonzo girl,
    im at schooling having a mad old time doing stuff,
    i have no food left and i am really hungry,
    the only place i belong is in my sisters room playing with her bratz dolls,
    i love bratz dolls there so hot,
    i wish they made brtaz dolls themed to blue water high with surfie boards and the sea with little bratz men,
    gonzo girl is at this present moment in time is on Ebay bidding for DVDs on guesswat?
    Blue Water High 1,2 and three,
    im thinking about doing my own make of season four with an asian orientated theme to respect my culture and fam,
    peace out and tune in tomorro for another insallment of the Gonzo Girl Chronicles!!!!!

    • Gonzo if you have a comment on the show that’s great…. but please remember TV Tonight is not a diary messageboard. And given this story was posted in 2007 O doubt it has many people reading it. Maybe you should try a BWH facebook page? -Editor.

  3. Omg this was the best season evr bro. p head can go stick it were the sun dont shne honey. the girls are sooooo koolbeans. my friend presslea cowan hates the show she thinks its reallt f***** up. i love tv tonight peace out mwah xoxox gonzo girl chroncles signing out.

  4. i hated it. it was reslly bad. i really liked the first season but now youved reacked it.

  5. i think this isnt the best series yet but i enjoyed..
    i really want to buy it on dvd, oh and unfortunatly i missed the final episode i dont no who won. if you are able to let me know who won or where i can get the series on dvd i would really appriciate it.

  6. ryan corr is the best on the show, not only in looks but he is a really good actor, i think he will go far. i also loved him in silver sun. oh and i saw him in eastland once about 3 years ago.very good looking.

  7. Hey Guys,

    Blue Water High is so cool, all the guys that work on the show are so awesome and the actors as well.

    When does the new series start?
    I cant wait cause im an extra and a few episodes in this upcoming series.


  8. When do you look for people to go on to the blue water high show and

    What beaches do you shoot Blue Water High on?