Who Wants to be a Multi Millionaire?

New Nine boss David Gyngell may have just made one of his first smart moves, and he isn’t even officially in the job yet.

Gygnell has changed plans for a nightly Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Instead, Nine will air a live 90 minute Monday edition of Millionaire from 7pm, with a whopping $5M on offer, and Temptation will remain in the slot from Tuesday to Friday. Thank goodness for that! Viewers can win $10,000.

Gyngell has been having plenty of long, one on one chats with key network people during his brief visit from LA, taking ideas, advice and opinion on the network. Bravo! Hopefully he has heard that Eddie five nights a week is an unwise move. As I have said before McGuire is very good at what he does, but everything in moderation please. For now he is also still too closely associated with a period Nine needs to put behind it. Reiterating that five nights a week would have been peculiar.

Temptation still has legs, as does 1 vs 100. As long as its not on air when Millionaire is too.

Press Release:

Viewers will have more than five million reasons to tune into Channel Nine from October 22.

Australia’s richest quiz show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, will see contestants play for up to $5 million dollars in a mega 90-minute live and interactive format starting 7.00pm on Monday, October 22. Then from Tuesday to Friday, Ed Phillips and Livinia Nixon will showcase a battle of knowledge on Temptation.

The new Who Wants To Be A Millionaire will deliver all the drama it’s famous for live from the Channel Nine studios. Viewers will also have the chance to be amongst the winners with $10,000 up for grabs each week. The home winner will be announced at the end of each night’s program.

“This is the most exciting show for me to come back on air with. I really enjoy Millionaire and to up the anti with $5 million is great news,” said host Eddie McGuire. “It’s one of the most successful game shows in history – and it’s loved by millions of Australians. I am so thrilled that it’s going to be live.”

In the studio, Eddie will bring his innate ability to create suspenseful television into lounge rooms around the country as Australia’s top-rating quiz show presents everyday people with a golden opportunity to become instantly rich and follow in the footsteps of the only two million-dollar winners to date – Rob Fulton (October 2005) and Martin Flood (November 2005).

Faced with a series of questions with multiple-choice answers, contestants have to correctly answer consecutive questions in order to experience the exhilaration of winning the massive five million-dollar prize pool.

To help contestants along the way there will be FOUR “lifelines” which they can call on to nudge a step closer to $1 million – Phone A Friend, 50/50, Ask the Audience, and a new one called Switch. The Switch option comes into play when contestants have answered 10 questions correctly and from then on will have the option to switching any of the following proposed questions to receive a new one.


  1. It seems like it has been weeks since we’ve seen Eddie on tv screens… where does the time go? (Note to channel nine: there are OTHER hosts to consider when rehatching dismal programs.)

  2. Good to have David back and his first move seems like a smart one.I always thought it was rather silly to “rest” Temptation when it was rating quite well. Lets hope David can get Nine back to where it belongs in a year or two!

  3. Gotta love the now-obligatory Nine misuse of the word “interactive”, which their publicity department seems to throw around with abandon these days, presumably hoping to hit the right note with “the kids”.

    Note to Nine: when you say “interactive” it sounds like my grandfather saying “techno”.

  4. Damn damn I turned down a chance to audition for millionaire! *shakes head in annoyance*

    In fairness they only gave me 3 days notice. Come on.

  5. Smart man – smart move!! It makes perfect sense and should appeal to many viewers. It certainly didn’t seem fair to axe/rest a show that has been rating so consistently well. It also takes pressure off Eddie: he can just do his job wothout having to be “Eddie Almighty”.

    Fingers crossed, maybe Channel 9 may get its act together in other areas too – and quickly!!

  6. At least Temptation has a HOT male model and two very engaging hosts … Millionaire has Arrogant Eddie and he is already on our screens far too much!

  7. So it is goodbye to the Dermie show on Monday nights….Millionaire will give just enough distraction to people that are watching Idol results show to be able to flick between the two.
    Another point – Eddie doing a live show – guarenteed to run over time!

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