Why Mondays are such a big Deal

Another Monday. Another big win on Deal or No Deal.

Tonight’s $33,000 wasn’t the biggest cheque the show has ever given away, and it may not necessarily be the biggest they give away for the rest of this week. But you can bet your briefcase that a Monday show on Deal has a big win.

Tonight, as with last Monday, the last few remaining briefcases in the game show were still the two biggies: $100k and $200k. They were high stakes games right up to the closing stages.

Monday nights are great to give away the big bickies. It hooks viewers in to the week, and helps lead in to the entire prime time schedule for Seven, as well as a few places to plug other Seven shows. Sending people home with $100 bucks on a Monday just doesn’t bode well for the rest of the week, really. It’s easier to shuffle those eps into another weeknight.

Fortunately for Seven their game show doesn’t have carry-over champs, meaning the network can schedule the episodes in any order it prefers. It’s a luxury that other shows like Temptation aren’t afforded.

Deal is still trouncing Antiques Roadshow on Nine. Last week its audience was anywhere from 26 – 48% higher than Nine’s genteel collectible show.

Tonight’s winner dealt with the banker a little too early, she could have snared over $80,000. But she still went home happy with $33,000 to help pay for her upcoming wedding. And being a Monday, I’m pretty sure the network went home happy too.


  1. When I went to a taping of the show (a couple of years ago now) they said that they mixed/matched the episodes to put the big winners on Monday and Friday..

    But this was before Double Deal Fridays. They have to shoot pecific ‘double deal footage’ on the Double Deal episode, so I’m guessing that they don’t really have much of a choice on the Friday briefcase value..

  2. Same with ‘Double Deal Fridays’…its always a low winning night when thats on… But that could just be a coincidence as Andrew does mention throughout the show it is a double deal friday…but still interesting!

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