30 Rock becomes 10:30 Rock for Seven

The first week of Seven’s summer programming is now in (well it was in some time ago but those pesky Seven embargoes prevent TV Tonight from telling you any earlier).

One of the exciting new shows 30 Rock only gets a 10:30pm timeslot, obviously viewed as having the same cult audience as shows like Arrested Development. It airs twice weekly, Mondays and Wednesdays.

Shark is also back twice weekly, 8:30pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays. A new series of The Amazing Race premieres Thursday Dec 6 at 7:30pm. But this is the “skipped” series, meaning anyone who has seen the All-Stars series (#11) will be familiar with two teams that obviously didn’t win -an unfortunate outcome from Seven’s poor programming. New Bones returns 9pm, likely to shift to 8:30 or 9:30pm the week after. New American Dad follows at 10pm.

New eps of That 70s Show screen 7pm weeknights. The Royal airs 7:30pm Saturdays. There is also new Simple Life eps twice weekly and Six Degrees on Tuesday nights.

Ghost Whisperer and Boston Legal repeats have a new night, with an improved time for the latter. Grey’s Anatomy repeats Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:30pm

Seven’s plans to air new eps of Prison Break were thwarted by the Writers’ Strike.

SUN Dec 2
6:30 Wild Vets
7:00 Whacked Out Sports
7:30 Ghost Whisperer Rpt.
8.30 Movie: Miracle
11.30 Movie: Big Trouble in Little China

7:00 That 70’s Show
7:30 Borderline
8:00 Surf Patrol
8:30 Criminal Minds Rpt
9:30 Grey’s Anatomy Rpt
10:30 30 Rock
11:00 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
11:30 The Simple Life

7:00 That 70’s Show
7:30 Sunrise presents: Your Song
8:30 Shark
9:30 Grey’s Anatomy Rpt UPDATED
10:30 Six Degrees
11:30 Medical Incredible

7:00 That 70’s Show
7:30 Air Crash Investigations
8:30 A Touch of Frost Rpt. UPDATED!
10:30 30 Rock
11:00 Man’s Work
11:30 The Simple Life

7:00 That 70’s Show
7:30 The Amazing Race
9:00 Bones
10:00 American Dad
10:30 Famous presents Hollywood Uncensored
11:00 Beauty and the Geek

7:00 That 70’s Show
7:30 Better Homes and Gardens Rpt
8:30 Movie: Cold Mountain
11:35 Movie: Fierce Creatures

7:30 The Royal
8:30 Comedy Classics for Comic Relief
11:35 Movie: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Official: Seven summer line-up


  1. Kenneth is hilarious – I just finished watching S02E06 this week too and he is almost the funniest character.

    I was never much of a fan of Alec Baldwin but he is brilliant in this too – his delivery is spot-on.

    30 Rock is without a doubt my new fav show – along with season 6 of Curb your Enthusiasm which just finished in the USA – I think this was its strongest season.

  2. 7’s line up looks so bland and boring, I can’t wait for the summer session for nine. It looks more appleasing and worth while watching, i can’t wait to get stuck in watching 9 during the summer. Yay

  3. That’s a fairly ho-hum line up as usual for Seven. Aside from Shark it’s dullsville. And what about Las Vegas!!! We get repeats of crapola like Grey’s yet they have new eps of Las Vegas and won’t show them! Ugh!

  4. Well Channel Seven has won me over for most nights of the week!!!

    30 Rock and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are a great double (despite 30 Rock having a crappy time). The Shark-Boston Leagal-30 Rock triple is also great (glad to see Boston Legal in a good timeslot). While The Amazing Race and American Dad Thursdays also looks good.

    Seven really seems to have the better programming this Summer. It’s far more appealing than Nine’s predicitable line-up and Ten’s repeat-a-rama.

    Oh, and David, it’s Jay and Silent Bob, not Bob and Silent Jay…

  5. F**k!! I mean, god damn! I was just thinking about it yesterday, that Always Sunny would probably never get shown here in Australia, maybe on some pay channel. Even though 30 Rock ain’t that great, I’ll be there every time watching Sunny!

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