ABC host tossed from bar

The 7:30 Report’s Kerry O’Brien was ejected from a bar in Melbourne on Friday night according to the Daily Telegraph.

An observer told the newspaper, “There was a guy carried out under the arms by two burly bouncers, kicking his legs and yelling and screaming and saying: ‘Leave me alone.’

“These bouncers were carrying him, they pushed him on to the pavement and he dropped his phone and it broke as he fell.

“I got quite close and my girlfriend said: ‘That’s Kerry O’Brien of the ABC’. His eyes were very, very bloodshot, very pale. He was obviously shaken.”

ABC national program director Alan Sunderland claimed, “The reason he was ejected by the two security guards was for talking on his mobile in the corridor outside the bar and they told him that he needed to take the phone call somewhere else.”

Source: Daily Telegraph.

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