Airdate: Kid Nation

Remember a little show TV Tonight told you about back in May?

Get ready for Lord of the Flies meets Bonanza. Kid Nation is coming to TEN over summer.

The reality show puts 40 American kids aged 8 – 15 in an old western town and leaves them to fend for themselves. They have to form a town council, rough it without electricity or running water, sleep on bed rolls on the floor, cook their own meals, clean the town, run businesses, survive on three changes of clothes and set up their own hours and rules.

No adults appear in the show. Supervising from a distance during shoots were cameramen, producers, a medic, and a child psychologist.

Unsurprisingly the show attracted a barrage of criticism before even airing in the US with claims of child abuse and exploitation.

TEN will air the series from 7:30pm Friday December 7.

Ther are no eliminations on Kid Nation. You only go home if you want to -and some did.

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