Airdate: Psych

Further info on TEN’s summer programming today indicates the premiere of Psych starring James Roday as a police consultant whose “heightened observational skills” and impressive detective instincts allow him to convince people that he is psychic. The drama began in the US in July 2006 and is in its second season.

It premieres at 9:30pm Tuesday Dec 4.

TEN is also adding Orange Roughies, another NZ border watch show.

Friends, won’t just appear 7pm weeknights, but weekends too. Talk about “I’ll be there for you!”

Don’t Forget the Lyrics will screen twice a week, 7:30pm Sunday and Wednesday.

But a last minute change also sees The Office, Deadliest Catch, Law & Order: SVU and Monk dropped from earlier plans. Journeyman moves to Thursdays.

Here’s TEN’s first week of summer summary:

6.30 Meerkat Manor
7.00 Friends
7.30 Don’t Forget the Lyrics
8.30 Movie TBA
10.30 Outrageous Fortune

6.30 Neighbours
7.00 Friends
7.30 ANTM
8.30 Law & Order: CI
9:30 Law & Order

6.30 Neighbours
7.00 Friends
7.30 Simpsons
8.30 NCIS
9.30 Psych

6.30 Neighbours
7.00 Friends
7.30 Don’t Forget the Lyrics
8.30 Cane
9:30 The Starter Wife

6.30 Neighbours
7.00 Friends
7.30 Jamie at Home
8.30 Journeyman
9.30 Medium

6.30 Neighbours
7.00 Friends
7.30 TBA
8.30 TBL
10:30 Outrageous Fortune

6.30 Simpsons
7.00 Friends
7:30 Movie TBA
10:30 Orange Roughies

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  1. I wouldn’t have minded the idea of TEN bringing back “Becker” although I’m sure many people would disagree with me on that one!

    But cancelling plans to show the rest of The Office and not even bothering to screen Monk? *ejects the blank tape from his VCR*

  2. Oh No, TEN has picked up another Channel Nine show…. give it a week. Remember the big song and dance when Ten got Sex and the City – it lasted two eps.

  3. I am not going to bother watching the office on 10 ever again!! 10 have shafted this show once too many times for my liking. I will watch this show via other means, and also import the dvd from the US.
    They showed the first 6 or 7 episodes of season 3, and then- gone!!

  4. No Monk? Boo!!! It’s been far too long since they last showed this brilliant series. Why not do what they do in America- where they show Monk and Psych back-to-back… Now that would be a great double!

  5. Would’nt Friends rate better than Futurama in the ratings period. If Friends ratings are good is there a chance for it to return in the ratings period.

  6. Just when I was getting jazzed about Monk…does anyone know how long it has been since TEN last aired that show? Seems like forever.

    Otherwise, a few interesting things. A better effort than last summer, that’s for sure.

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