Airdate: Spice Girls ‘Giving You Everything’

While David Beckham is in Sydney, wife Victoria Beckham continues preparations for her long-awaited reunion with the Spice Girls.

Fox8 has the Australian exclusive of the new documentary The Spice Girls: Giving You Everything. The doco is narrated by the girls themselves, designed to give an “eye of the hurricane” viewpoint of their phenomenal ‘Girl Power’ success.

It premieres at 7:30pm Sunday December 16.

The girls will also appear on Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2007 airing on Network TEN 9:30pm Saturday December 15.

Press Release:

Despite the huge amount that has been spoken and written about them over the years, this will be the very first time The Spice Girls themselves have told the story of what it has been like inside the eye of the Girl Power storm.

The Spice Girls are arguably the most successful girl group of all time. From the moment they exploded on the music scene in 1996 with their debut single ‘Wannabe’, such was their impact throughout the world that, even though they disbanded in 2000, the effect they had on popular culture still resonates to this day.

This documentary goes back in time to where it all began. In 1994 an ad placed in a trade magazine set in motion a chain of events that within the space of three years would create a cultural phenomenon.

Victoria, Emma, Geri and the two Melanie’s tell how right from the start they were the ones who were going to be calling the shots, even if it meant stepping on a few toes and upsetting a few people along the way. By the time they released their debut single on July 8th 1996, they had already spent two years building up to that moment; this was no overnight success story.

For the first time ever the girls talk about the reasons why they became four, the impact it had on each of them and why eventually, after four years dominating the pop world, they decided to go their separate ways. Narrated by the girls themselves, this documentary will be recollections of the past, featuring archive footage from around the globe and how this promises to be one of the greatest reunions in music history.

Simon Fuller said: “This is the story of the greatest pop phenomenon since The Beatles, told in their own words. It will cover the highs and the lows, the laughter and the tears, from their pre-Spice Girls days and the forming of the group to the first taste of success, world domination and ultimately the break-up and the aftermath.”

Spice Girls: Giving You Everything is directed by Emmy award-winning Bob Smeaton, whose previous work includes The Beatles Anthology. On discussing the project and filming so far, Bob remarked “I said it should be the girls telling their story from inside the eye of the hurricane, so they are the only ones with a voice in the film. It’s great; they are looking at things with the benefit of hindsight and it makes for a very compelling story”.


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