BB UpLate retiring for the night?

One almost feels a little sorry for Mike Goldman, with news that UpLate spin-off is tipped to be dropped from the Big Brother juggernaut in 2008.

According to news.com.au the show is no longer the money spinner it once was.

“I’m not allowed to comment on Big Brother,” Goldman said.

The centrepiece primetime show already has new hosts and a new Exec Producer.

Goldman has done a sterling job in a role equivalent to radio television, almost single-handedly hosting a three hour live to air format. But Southern Star Endemol and TEN have already shown they are ready to make sweeping changes in desperately trying to impose change on the format.

Source: news.com.au

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see UpLate shift to TEN’s Digital channel which did after all promise other spin-off shows of flagship products.

    Quizmania could quite easily be sold to TEN by its owner FremantleMedia. Still if their original HotDogs show didn’t come back…..

  2. Will Uncut be back next year?? It’s absence was one reason for the low ratings last year. The show is great entertainment AND gives a unique insight into the competitors. (Life is not G rated!!)

  3. I’d say that with the legal issues these scam shows have been having in the UK (their country of origin), networks here would probably be better off just canning them before the proverbial hits the fan, as it ultimately will do.

  4. I agree. replacing hosts and saying all these changes are gonna make bb different lol. you cant make bb different unless you have decent housemates. ARE YOU SO SHALLOW 10?? by the sounds of it its going to be another waste of primetime television. esp since kyle is hosting!! worst idea eva!!

  5. Ten and SSE are rediculous if they think changing all of the format and hosts will change things. The reason why 07 didn’t work was because of the Housemates and the programme’s pandering to censors.

    While I liked Gretel more than Mike anyway, this is still a sign that the show is heading in even more of a rocky direction.

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