Bionic axe looming?

Not even a billion dollar makeover looks like it can save Bionic Woman from the axe.

The show has suffered a series of setbacks in the US that spell doom for the NBC series. This week it flatlined at just 5.99m viewers.

It was the last episode produced prior to the Writer’s Strike, and the show shut down production in Canada two weeks ago. Reviews have been poor.

Creatively it has also been dogged by a revolving door of showrunners, the head writers responsible for creative direction.

Many have likened the show to a poor remake of Alias. Michelle Ryan seems to be quite capable, but upstaged by Katee Sackhoff. Subplots that see her given sentimental big sister duties and romantic leads only drag down what once worked as a neat, action series under Lindsay Wagner.

In Australia the show arrived with great currency, attracting 1.59m viewers in its first outing. But this week the Seven Network only lucked in with 961,000 viewers -its lowest audience so far.

Bionic Woman looks like being another hard lesson learned from “fasttracking.”

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  1. Sad to say…. we did not even make it through the first episode of Bionic Woman. 🙁 I really wanted to like it. Action is my thing. Unfortunately, it just did not grab us and turn us into viewers.

    Always ~

  2. It was clearly a chick flick. “I can beat male oppression and be an inspiration for women everywhere!” Huzzah!

    I hope the networks don’t get turned off this “fast tracking”. I’d prefer a live-er, variable schedule to a consistent, yet 2-month delayed broadcast, completely isolating us from any internet blog/forum interaction.

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