Bumped: Cane, Starter Wife

Figures for the premiere of Cane were so disappointing on Wednesday that TEN has been quick to make a switch next week. It only had 648,000 viewers this week.

Now, Cane will move to 9:30pm as its regular time, allowing The Starter Wife to ‘start’ at 8:30pm.

Hallmark’s Starter Wife starring Debra Messing, Judy David and Miranda Otto was shot in Queensland. The miniseries, clocking in at 6 hrs, will now premiere with only 1hr instead of 2.

It has since been given the thumbs up for ten additional eps on the USA Network.

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  1. “I’m just back to my good old “illegal” downloading ways now after not downloading Heroes all season, but watching it on Seven instead.”

    Same. I didn’t download it at all while it was fast tracked on 7, but I don’t want to wait until who knows when to see the two unaired eps.

  2. I agree with Paul. I never used to download episodes but holding on to mid-season cliffhangers over all of summer is something i dont plan on doing, and will probably end up downloading the rest of House and heroes.

    Too bad for them!

  3. Yes, David, you indeed should do a story on it.

    Heroes: Seven has decided that now that TV is over for the year, Australia can wait for the two remaining episodes before the mid-season finale (one already aired in the US, the other next week). So they’ve pulled it right in the middle of a carefully-plotted build-up to that mid-season finale.

    Ghost Whisperer: Though still on season 2 while the US is mid-way through season 3, Seven has pulled this with the last two season 2 episodes yet to go to air. They’ve moved the show to the “special new time” of Sunday 7.30, but are showing repeats commencing about three quarters of the way into season *one*. This in itself will confuse some people; the main supporting character died at the end of season 1, and suddenly she walks again! 🙂

    That’s just two examples. Now imagine what’ll happen if the WGA strike drags on – and Seven has to come back in February with a “new season” of Heroes that’s a whole two episodes long 🙂

    Myself, I’m just back to my good old “illegal” downloading ways now after not downloading Heroes all season, but watching it on Seven instead.

    Oh, and “Cane”? Dreadful high-budget soapie. I’m not surprised, though I wish networks would stop making drastic programming changes after guides have gone to print. I have had to source a “pirate” copy of the final episode of William And Mary because of precisely that.

  4. They just stopped them in the week it suited them. In the US these shows generally continue through our non ratings week with a week off here and there for holidays.

    As the writers strike is biting, most shows had penned mid-season finales to provide some sort of conclusion in case of a long strike. None will air here.

    All this nonsense about Season Finale is almost without exception a misnomer here.

    I should probably write a story on it….

  5. So wait — we’re not going to see House or Heroes finales this year? David, is this true?

    If it is, I’m certainly disappointed. Seven and Ten have done a fairly good job at staving away the piracy. It’s kinda ironic that the year they choose to go live with the US is the year US schedules completely screw up.

  6. Ten should have shown this week’s US episode of House instead of premiering Cane. We were up to date with House until this week and now have something like an eight week gap (at least) until we see the conclusion of a long running subplot. Fast tracking House has now encouraged me to download it when I never would have before.

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