Clips and Specks

Those of you getting excited over the upcoming final of Spicks and Specks might need to sit down for this.

It’s now clear that Wednesday’s final is merely a clip show.

It might have been nice if this was evident in the original ABC Guide that was sent out. TV Tonight also spoke with one of the show’s guests who confirmed he hadn’t filmed anything recently.

The show is ranking as the second highest programme on TV Tonight’s own reader poll for exciting, upcoming events. No doubt that was based on the assumption that this was actually a fresh show.

There appear to be some outtakes, but that’s about it.

Here is the updated blurb as listed by the ABC website:

Brace yourself for the Best of Spicks & Specks from 2007. All your favourite bits back by popular demand, plus a bunch of golden moments that never made it to air.

Featuring David O’Doherty’s original song ‘Very Mild Superpowers’, the story behind Anthony Callea’s traffic stopping behaviour, a spicy I’ll Jumble For Ya, Denise Scott singing Oklahoma and Richard Gill chinking imaginary cocktails. Add to the mix the Oompah Loompah band, an Elvis sandwich creation and impersonator, the year’s most popular closing performance by unusualist Raymond Crowe… and a montage of many more incredible moments!

The show will be recording a Christmas Special before the year ends. Apparently that’s 100% new.

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  1. They’re doing a Border Security!

    This whole “clip show, didn’t we tell you?” thing has been a staple of Seven’s biggest show for a couple of years now. Interesting to see the ABC taking up the same tactic.

    This does explain one thing, though. Last week’s Spicks And Specks was just another episode but Adam Hills, a couple of times, made references like “for the last time this year”. I was thinking at the time, “err, last episode for the year? Somebody say something!” But they didn’t, and it was listed in the following week’s program guides. Now we know why.

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