Clock stops on 24

As expected 24 is in big trouble.

FOX has opted not to premiere it on January 13 now due to the various production problems (WGA strike, Kiefer in jail and even the Californian fires). Instead it wants to air ‘Day 7’ uninterrupted.

It will be replaced by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Meanwhile Law and Order: SVU and Pushing Daisies are set to shut production. Despite assurances prior to the start of the strike, networks are reacting faster than anticipated.

There is even speculation new shows such as Dirty Sexy Money a Seven 2008 hope could be cancelled altogether. “I believe the show might end with Episode 10 — that might be the last one aired,” said creator Craig Wright.

Saturday Night Live has been cancelled this week.

More big names joined the picket lines including the cast of Grey’s Anatomy in costume no less, The Office / King of the Hill’s Greg Daniels, Larry David, Matt Groening. Movies are already feeling the pinch too, unable to promote their product on the absent Tonight shows.

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  1. Hasn’t been rating that well average at best so I can see it being cancelled as it will lose some of the small audience it has at the moment. Will be a huge blow to seven as it was one of their big hopes for 2008.

  2. Why would dirty sexy money have millions spent on it only to be cancelled after 10 episodes. if it rates well (which from reading about it on different sites it does) it would just off air while the strike is going on.

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