Da Kath & Kim repeat

Grinning from the success of Kath & Kim, Seven will air Da Kath & Kim Code on Sunday November 25 at 7:30pm.

Even the repeats have been winning the night for Seven. When the telemovie screened on the ABC it snared over 2m viewers. One problem tho, it wasn’t very funny. It’s hard to produce a 90 minute canvas with a shoestring ABC budget.

In other Seven programming moves, there will only be one more Prison Break episode, next Wednesday at 9:30pm.

It will be replaced on November 28 by Air Crash Investigations. Seven had to reschedule its programming for summer due to the Writers’ Strike.

UPDATE: Seven has now retitled this to The Kath & Kim Movie, presumably because the Da Vinci Code is now too outdated?

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  1. I actually enjoyed Da Kath & Kim code when it aired. I’d just read the davinci code, so I got the jokes. But I love Kath & Kim what ever they do. Not sure about an Amercan version though.

    Stevie G

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