Damages gets 2 more seasons

Critically acclaimed FX drama Damages has been give the greenlight for two more seasons.

Glenn Close, Rose Byrne and Tate Donovan have all re-signed with the drama.

There was no guarantee that Damages would get a go ahead. Ratings in the US have followed a similar downward trend as in Australia, troubled by so much plot layering. In Oz it was also compounded by too many “encore” episodes which only confused the audience.

But the show has universal critical acclaim for its dark, unnerving stories and dynamite acting performances. This vote of confidence by FX, will no doubt be reflected in upcoming industry awards.

Production is set to start in NYC early next year, subject to the writers’ strike.

There are three more thrilling eps to air in Australia on the Nine Network.

Source: Variety.

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  1. Fingers crossed channel 9 does pick up the next couple of seasons – I live in hope that ch9 execs will finally make a decent decision about programming!! Damages is like no other show on television, and unlike most other channel 9 shows, watching it is like brain food – I never stop thinking about who/what/when/how. I love it!

  2. I wouldn’t get too excited. Ch 9 hasn’t agreed to screen Seasons 2 or 3. Based on its ratings, it’s unlikely they will buy it unless it comes as part of a package from that network. It may end up screening after midnight.

  3. I love this show, many great actors and actresses, i can’t wait for season 2, it will be a ripper and i too am so excited…
    thanks channel 9 for showing it
    and i’ll support you every way

  4. what needs to happen is Nine needs to show the first series again entirely over the summer. Get people into it and hyped upu for the next season. No messing around. AN 8:30 timeslot would be ideal.

  5. Great news! Though with this show looking potentially like the next Sopranos for Nine (i.e. acclaimed by many, but not by the bogans with ratings meters :), will they even bother showing it any time soon after its US airing?

  6. I truly hope that once this season ends on Nine, that they will rest it for a week or two to heavily advertise an opportunity to watch the show again from the beginning, starting from (insert date/time)!

    I have been largely un-devoted to this series because I ended up seeing the first episode so many times, I just couldn’t be bothered to try and work out what was going on, when I did watch from time-to-time I felt I’d missed too much.

    I feel it would be a wise decision for Nine to play the series from start to finish in it’s uninterrupted entirety, so people whom got lost the the reruns and timeslot changes can finally see the series properly!

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