Dawn rises on new-look Sunrise site

There still aren’t many Australian television shows that have fully comprehended the power of having an ongoing, updated web presence. Too many networks just register one site that sits idle with little maintenance.

So it’s encouraging to see Sunrise has just revamped its site promising it to be updated “round the clock.” Having partners in Yahoo is obviously a big boon.

One of the site’s new features is a ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ blog. “Welcome to a blog with a difference. If you read these posts often, you’ll get the most revealing inside look at a breakfast show that the Australian public has ever seen. And it will be updated throughout every day,” it says. The blog also allows viewer comments.

Of course one of the downsides of having an open forum is that not all of the feedback is positive. One viewer has gushed, “The show is a breath of fresh air each morning everyone on the team is so natural nothing fake about these guys”

But another has taken the time to add, “Don’t believe the hype about ‘Mel and Koshy.’ I cannot stand the weekday Sunrise ‘team’, the whole lot are awful to watch. I cringe just thinking about them.” Ahh the perils of the web!

The new Sunrise site has also added breaking news, videos of your favourite segments, photo galleries and comprehensive fact sheets.

Press Release:

Australia’s No.1 breakfast show has unveiled a brand new website that boasts everything you like about Sunrise – online, all the time.

Sunrise has teamed with the online experts at Yahoo!7 to completely overhaul the website with a fresh new look and several new features including breaking news, videos of your favourite segments, photo galleries and comprehensive fact sheets. With a dedicated team of web producers, the site will be also be updated round the clock ensuring it’s the ultimate online tool.

Yahoo!7’s hugely popular photo sharing website Flickr will be integrated as part of the new website so viewers can upload photos and share their special Sunrise moments with other fans, whether it be a photo taken at a Sunrise concert in the Plaza or a happy snap with Mel and Kochie.

For those viewers keen to share their knowledge with the Sunrise family, Yahoo!7’s Answers, the leading Q&A site on the Web will also be incorporated as part of the site. The first question will be posted by Mel asking ‘What are your top three survival tips for working mums?’.

Another new feature of the website is the behind-the-scenes blog. For the first time Sunrise viewers can see what really goes on when the cameras stop rolling and will also have the opportunity to chat with the presenters and crew. The blogs will also reveal insider gossip on celebrity guests and the bands that drop into Brekky Central.

Sunrise viewers will also be able to post their own comments about the show and send through their own ideas to the new-look Soapbox.

“This is an important extension to the Sunrise brand,” says Director of Morning Television, Adam Boland. “We all know media consumption is evolving, so we need to continue setting the standard.”

Check out the new website at yahoo7.com.au/sunrise

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  1. I am very angry at mel & kosh the way they over do there reporting on the fires and feeding off those pore people (its the trapped miners all over again) for god sake get Mel off the air (she a shocking reporter and she looks tired all the time)and replace her with Nat. Also they could practice talking via satellite they keep cutting off the people there interviewing and each other.

  2. I agree with neon kitten – partnering with portal sites like Seven has with Yahoo! and Nine with MSN has only made their web presence more generic. All these “sites” for the TV shows are just the same basic template full of links to Yahoo!’s services.

    At least Ten hasn’t partnered with anyone yet – plus, Ten’s website has been vastly improved from what it was a few years ago.

  3. I just wish a local network could figure out that all this co-branding as “portal” sites does them no favours. NineMSN is the worst example of this; rarely updated, and almost impossible to dig through to find information about a specific show or even what’s on the network that night.

    Yahoo7 isn’t quite as bad, but then, having been urged to “check out the writers’ blogs” for City Homicide at the end of each episode, I found myself looking at the site in puzzlement till I eventually worked out how to find them.

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