Eddie’s viewers phone an Idol friend

The phrase ‘phone-a-friend’ has never seemed more inappropriate.

On Monday night viewers who phoned Millionaire’s 1902 viewer contest line got Australian Idol’s voting line for contestant Carl Risely.

The error wasn’t Nine’s doing. It had correctly used the same number for two weeks.

Duncan Murray, CEO of Belong, a communications company that works with 1900 numbers, said: “A technical error at Belong . . . caused some calls made to another competition service to receive an Idol voting message for a short period of time.

“This error did not impact the Idol voting result. This . . . result was audited prior to its announcement,” he told the Herald-Sun.

Just another mistake in the foolproof SMS voting systems that dominate so many of our favourite shows? When last we checked, Big Brother had almost finished tallying up the winner of this year’s grand final. Expect an announcement soon.

Source: Herald-Sun

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  1. the UK is just coming out of about 6 months of “phone in” scandals featuring such shows as X-Factor, Big Brother and even iconic kids show “Blue Peter” which ran a poll to name a cat and then when the producers decided they didnt like the name viewers voted for they changed it…there is no doubt in my mind at all that the same thing goes on here and its only a matter of time before it starts to unravel in this country also.

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