Election Night: Who’s Got What

Most of the networks have now lined up their Election coverage for Saturday November 24.

Comprehensive coverage will begin on Nine and the ABC from 6pm and Seven from 6:30pm.

All three are predominantly commercial free.

The ABC has Kerry O’Brien, Tony Jones, Antony Green, Nick Minchin, Julia Gillard, Jim Middleton and Michael Brissenden

Seven has David Koch, Melissa Doyle, Mark Riley, Anna Coren, Chris Bath, Tania Plibersek, Peter Beattie, Joe Hockey, Jackie Kelley, Jeff Kennett. It will also add a special edition of Weekend Sunrise on Saturday morning. The Saturday evening telecast is commercial free from 6.30pm.

Nine has a commercial-free telecast with Ray Martin, Laurie Oakes, Robert Ray, Michael Kroger, Helen Coonan, Wayne Swan, former original Chaser Charles Firth, Peter Overton, Tracy Grimshaw plus Ellen Fanning, Charles Wooley, Liam Bartlett, Tara Brown, Michael Usher, Kellie Connolly, Mark Burrows, Nick Coe, Brett McLeod, Amanda Paterson and Sarah Harris. Nine also has a one hour edition of A Current Affair on election eve (no Temptation).

Sky coverage will be hosted by Sky News Political Editor David Speers from the Sky News Centre in Sydney, and by Helen Dally in the Tally Room in Canberra. Also joining Sky News for their election coverage are politicians and former politicians Kim Beazley, Bob Hawke, John Hewson, Brendan Nelson, Natasha Stott-Despoja, Stephen Conroy and more. Sky News will have the widest distribution of any Australian news service.

TEN and SBS have limited coverage detailed below.

Make ABC TV your election night choice, with up-to-the-minute results and the best analysis throughout the evening.

Calling it first on election night, Australia Votes 2007 will be on ABC TV from 6pm (EST) until it’s all over. Join the country’s most respected team of political journalists with Kerry O’Brien leading the TV coverage, Lateline’s Tony Jones and ABC Election Analyst Antony Green live from the national tally room in Canberra. The election panel will be joined on the set by Senator Nick Minchin, representing the Coalition, and Julia Gillard from the ALP.

ABC Political Editors Jim Middleton and Michael Brissenden will also feature in the TV coverage, as well as other journalists with the leaders in Sydney and Brisbane. Australia Votes 2007 will also provide live crosses to all the key electorates around Australia.

Antony Green’s expert views and knowledge on the nation’s 150 electorates and political issues is second to none. Backed by the ABC’s computer analysis of the count on the night, Antony will be ready to call the results from the earliest possible moment.

Antony has worked on ABC election coverages for 18 years. He has worked on every federal, state and territory election since his first election with the ABC in Queensland in 1989. He has appeared regularly on camera since the 1993 Federal election, when he was the first to call the return of the Keating government. In all, Antony has covered almost 40 election nights with the ABC. The 2007 Federal election will be the seventh national election he has covered.

The ABC TV coverage will also be streamed live at 6pm EST at abc.net.au/elections

On Sunday morning, Insiders with Barrie Cassidy at 9am will have a full round-up of the election results and give the best political commentary and analysis on the fall out of the numbers.

Australia Votes 2007 will be on ABC TV at 4pm in W.A., 4.30pm in N.T., 5pm in QLD, 5.30pm in S.A. and 6pm in NSW, VIC, ACT and TAS.

The Seven Network has bolstered its commitment to presenting Australia’s most innovative and informative election coverage by announcing a very special election day edition of Weekend Sunrise on Saturday 24 November from 8am.

Hosted by the regular Weekend Sunrise team of Andrew O’Keefe and Samantha Armytage, the Saturday edition will examine all the key issues going into the election but in a very Sunrise way – all the facts and results without the boring bits. Andrew and Samantha will be joined by some of the country’s most experienced political commentators plus they’ll cross live to key marginal seats when the polls open.

“This is a crucial election and we think our viewers deserve to be informed right up until they vote,” said Director of Morning Television Adam Boland. “By watching this very special edition of Weekend Sunrise, you’ll also get a taste of what to expect from Seven’s revolutionary election night coverage.”

Weekend Sunrise is Australia’s most watched Sunday morning breakfast show. This special Saturday edition will air from 8am to 10am on Saturday, 24 November.

As John Howard and Kevin Rudd shape up for one of the most dramatic elections in our history, it’s Australia’s call as to who’ll win and who’ll lose.

Channel Seven will capture all the drama of that decision, delivering an election coverage for all Australians.

UPDATED: New time 5:30pm Your Call 07
Come election night this Saturday November 24, it’s Australia’s call as to who’ll win and who’ll lose.

Seven’s comprehensive coverage will start at 5.30pm with an election ‘wrap’. Then, after the close of polls, Your Call 07 will be commercial free from 6.30pm until the result.

Your Call 07, to be hosted by Melissa Doyle and David Koch live from the national tally room in Canberra with Seven’s chief political correspondent, Mark Riley, will be election night done right.

All the facts, all the results, all the drama – we’re just cutting out the boring bits. Also hosting from the tally room will be Weekend Sunrise’s Andrew O’Keefe alongside the “numbers men” – Mark Arbib from the ALP and the Liberal Party’s Andrew Robb. Together they’ll be crunching the numbers, calling the seats and bringing viewers the results first.

Seven News presenter Chris Bath will be based at Prime Minister John Howard’s campaign headquarters in Sydney while Today Tonight’s Anna Coren will be covering all the action from Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd’s HQ in Brisbane.

The biggest political names will also be part of Seven’s team – Peter Beattie, Jeff Kennett, Joe Hockey, Tanya Plibersek, Jackie Kelly and Barnaby Joyce.

“This will be an extraordinary day,” says Your Call 07 executive producer Mark Llewellyn. “The future of the country is in the hands of the voters and we have designed our coverage around this simple clear point: it is a day for all Australians and a television coverage for all Australians. We’ll be doing things a little differently – but in a way that sets Seven apart from its competitors while delivering the news, the information, the emotion and the drama. We are committing the people and the resources of Channel Seven to election day.

“We have assembled a team that will inform and engage. Peter Beattie and Jeff Kennett are just two of our tremendous expert contributors and with Chris Bath, Anna Coren, Andrew 0’Keefe and Mark Riley joining David Koch and Melissa Doyle along with our crews and reporters stretching across the nation, we will tackle this election with knowledge, intuition, style and class – and have some fun along the way. Sunrise, Seven News and Today Tonight are the leaders in their field.
We will take that leadership into a great election night coverage.”

The Nine Network will feature expert and comprehensive live coverage of the Federal election from 5.30pm on polling day, Saturday, November 24.

Australia Decides – Election 07 will be hosted by Ray Martin from the national tally room in Canberra, with a panel headed by Nine’s political editor Laurie Oakes and supported by the nation’s foremost number-crunchers from the ALP and the Coalition.

Nine will bring Australia the verdict uninterrupted during the crucial early vote count when the result of the election is likely to be determined – commercial-free from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Martin and Oakes will be joined by leading ALP strategist, Senator Robert Ray, and Liberal powerbroker, Michael Kroger.

The panel will be backed up by another expert group including Communications Minister Helen Coonan, Shadow Treasurer Wayne Swan, and John Howard biographer Peter Van Onselen.

The Chaser’s founding member, Charles Firth, will provide his unique view as the election unfolds from the floor of the tally room.

The network’s super computer – Max – will keep viewers ahead of the game, providing the fastest and most accurate results from all the electorates as the votes come in.

Nine’s election reporting team has unrivalled experience and will be headed by 60 Minutes correspondent Peter Overton, who will be with John Howard, and A Current Affair’s Tracy Grimshaw, who will be with Kevin Rudd.

Reporters in the key electorates across the country will include Ellen Fanning, Charles Wooley, Liam Bartlett, Tara Brown, Michael Usher, Kellie Connolly, Mark Burrows, Nick Coe, Brett McLeod, Amanda Paterson and Sarah Harris.

Nine’s Director of News and Current Affairs, John Westacott, said the network’s coverage of the 2007 poll would continue its long tradition of commitment to expert and extensive election coverage.

“Nine has maintained its commitment to keeping viewers informed in the lead-up to polling day, and our record in covering federal polls speaks for itself,” he said.

“Nine has always produced by far the most-watched coverage in these elections, and the team we have bringing Australians all the latest on election night represents the very best political coverage on Australian television.”

10pm Election 07: The Decision (1 hr followed by The Wedge).

Correction: 9:30pm Vote 07 with Stan Grant & Karen Middleton is on from 9.30pm til result known. (NSW / VIC)
8:00pm NT
8:30pm Qld.
9:00pm SA.
7:30pm WA
All followed by Elton John and SOS

Sky News:
Sky coverage will be hosted by Sky News Political Editor David Speers from the Sky News Centre in Sydney, and by Helen Dally in the Tally Room in Canberra. Also joining Sky News for their election coverage are politicians and former politicians Kim Beazley, Bob Hawke, John Hewson, Brendan Nelson, Natasha Stott-Despoja, Stephen Conroy and more.

Angelos Frangopoulos, CEO of Australian News Channel which owns and operates Sky News, said “The world will be able turn to Sky News Australia for live coverage of Election 2007 with the widest distribution of any election night coverage. In particular our coverage through the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and Asia will allow Australians abroad to fully participate in the election live as it unfolds.”

Sky News journalists will report live from across the country. The teams include Celina Edmonds, John Gatfield, Kieran Gilbert, Ashleigh Gillon, Leigh Hatcher, David Lipson, John Mangos, Nina May, Nicole Webb, Michael Willesee, and Ahron Young.

Sky News will also launch a ground breaking seven screen service to cover every aspect of Election 07 Day and Night.

The seven channels will include “Main News Election 07”, “Howard”, “Rudd”, “Reaction”, “Tally Room”, plus 3 other channels showing results from individual seats in detail and other news.

Sky News will also have teams at the John Howard event in Sydney, and the Kevin Rudd event in Brisbane.

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  1. I am looking forward to flicking between the networks, nothing worse than listening to candidates say how hard they worked for their victory, or how had the loss is, this is a good time to flick. I think Sky News has best coverage, except for the annoying newsbreak every hour, so I will flick between them all, thanks to my new mystar, only one remote needed,access to all. Bye Bye Johnny wont miss ya

  2. From the looks of things, i will probably watch ch7 since theyre not a bunch of stuffed shirts like the ABC and Nine.
    Who cares if it will be more like light entertainment, thats exactly what I am looking for!!

    Also, there must be something online to watch the results in real-time?

  3. Anna Coren for the Channel 7 broadcast, you gotta be joking me.. I nearly fell out of my seat reading that she was one of the presenters.
    Anna Coren is one of the worst presenters in tv at the moment or should i say EVER, she is so bland and with saying that Channel 7, just give up on this and I would agree with Wen with some extent just let ABC and Nine do their job,

    Needless to say instead of Anna Coren just get Fat Cat, he could just sit there and don’t do anything instead of Anna Coren and her stupid remarks she always does everytime.. Channel 7 get a life and stop trying to be so political and looking at their line up on this debarkle is just a joke.

  4. I wish Seven would just stick to movies that night & let the professionals (Nine & ABC) do their thing. They will turn it into “Hey Hey It’s Election Day”!

    If Mel & “Kochie” are hosting, then why not bring back Fat Cat for special comments?

    PS: Seven (of course) will win the night…

  5. Hopefully one of the networks will offer an alternative viewing… It’s pointless to show the same footage across four commercial channels, PLUS foxtel. Watching the ‘election watch’ is as boring as bat poop! Can I hear a woop-woop?

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