Fasttracking takes a Bionic break

The perils of “fast-tracking” will strike again, briefly, when Seven cannot screen Bionic Woman in two weeks’ time.

This is because the US has a week off between eps 7 and 8. The pause is not related to the writers’ strike, but is typical of the less-than-perfect scheduling of many American series.

Seven is now so close to simultaneous screening, only 7 hours behind the US, that it has to take a week out whether it likes it or not. So there is no episode on Thursday November 22. It will be replaced by a second, premiere episode of Ghost Whisperer.

Thursday November 29, a week later will be the final Thursday in the 2007 ratings year. We’ll have to see if Seven airs Ep 8, currently scheduled to air in the US on November 28.

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  1. Good – Seven has a LOT of catching up to do with Ghost Whisperer, and I’d rather two episodes of that than another episode of Alias-Lite 😉

    (And I know you’re SUCH a big fan of Ghost Whisperer, David – you must be thrilled 🙂

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