First Review: Don’t Forget the Lyrics

Part of TEN’s summer schedule, FOX’s Don’t Forget the Lyrics is essentially The Singing Bee meets Millionaire.

More game show than spelling bee it offers US$1m in a ladder of rising scale dollar prizes.

Contestants are offered ten musical genre categories each with alternative songs. Once they choose a song a band strikes up and they follow karaoke lyrics until correctly singing the last, vacant lyric phrase. As with Millionaire if they don’t like their answer they can choose three lifeline assists. It’s hosted by Wayne Brady from Whose Line is it Anyway who even uses the old Millionaire trick of not revealing answers until, “right after the break.”

Because there are bigger stakes and the format has variation it’s probably a slightly better mix than The Singing Bee. But given this gameshow is also entirely American, it probably neuters any headstart it has. There’s only limited interest in watching loud Americans win big American bucks. right?

Don’t Forget the Lyrics, which started at the same time as The Singing Bee in the US, will air twice weekly over summer. The first contestant certainly has a good tilt at the big bucks, even if she can’t hold a tune.

7:30pm Sundays and Wednesdays on TEN from Dec 2.


  1. watching last sun ,wed seeing a struggler take 500,00 was refreshing what personality they both have BRING PROGRAM DOWN UNDER THERE ARE MANY THAT WILL GO THE WHOLE WAY HERE IN AUSSIE LAND

  2. one of the best shows on tv. love wayne brady and loved his dance number last nite. does anyone have a tape of it? can’t find it anywhere on the internet yet

  3. have seen all the episodes and yeah it is a little annoying listening to whinning americans that cant sing….. singing bee is fun and its fun cause they are aussies and when they get something wrong u laugh with them…….

    Americans are just way over the top and it is hard to listen to them sing….. The girl u have pictured does well (dont worry wont spoil it) but as usual the songs get soooooooooooo hard at the top end of the show

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