Foxtel launches mobile Remote Record

Foxtel has launched Remote Record, a new mobile phone functionality that allows the option to record TV programmes from phones.

The new application most benefits subscribers with an iQ and 3G phone, giving them roaming freedom to control their favourite programmes -perfect if you are running late.

Remote Record is initially compatible for iQ subscribers with 25 different 3G phones, with more to follow. The EPG itself can be accessed by any compatible 3G phone.

It also offers Reminder Alerts sent via SMS to the user 15 minutes prior to the TV program commencing and contain the name of the show, the channel and what time it begins.

Press Release:

Forgot to record your favourite television program? Stuck in traffic thinking about a new TV show you’re late for? At a party you couldn’t pass on but itching to know how the movie ended? Never miss your favourite program again with FOXTEL’s latest digital offering, which provides access to view FOXTEL’s web-based Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and ability to use the REMOTE RECORD functionality to record programs on the FOXTEL iQ from 3G mobile phones.

By using any compatible 3G mobile phone (from the list below), users will be able to download an application to view FOXTEL’s web-based Electronic Program Guide, providing information on FOXTEL’s extensive range of programming up to seven days in advance.

Additionally, FOXTEL iQ subscribers can use their 3G mobile phone to REMOTE RECORD shows.1 When out of the house or away from the office they can use the REMOTE RECORD function to record programs on their FOXTEL iQ which are then ready to watch when they are.

Patrick Delany, FOXTEL Executive Director of Content, Product Development and Delivery, said: “Personalising entertainment is the next frontier in television and FOXTEL is leading the way. A mobile phone is no longer just for making and receiving calls, it’s become a multimedia gateway connecting users to the internet, emails, music, television, TV guides, and now FOXTEL iQ.

“Foxtl’s wed-based EPG and Remote Record functionality have been a wonderful addition for our subscribers and by making these services available to 3G mobiles now provides them with even more benefits to get the most of their FOXTEL service.”

Non-subscribers are also welcome to dlownload the Mobile Foxtel Guide which will showcase the extensive range of programs available on FOXTEL up to seven days in advance.

To download the Mobile Foxtel Guide application simple visit to check your phone’s compatibility and then download by sending a Premium SMS.

The Mobile Foxtel Guide application allows users to: add channels to favourite list for quick access, search for a program by name (or partial name), view a short summary about each show, set a REMOTE RECORD and also send Reminder Alerts for programs. Reminder Alerts are sent via SMS to the user 15 minutes prior to the TV program commencing and contain the name of the show, the channel and what time it begins.

Will my phone work with the Mobile Foxtel Guide?
Currently the following 25 popular phones are compatible with the Foxtel Mobile Guide and are able to send REMOTE RECORD requests if the user is a FOXTEL iQ customer.




Sony Ericsson

Customers on any mobile network including Telstra, Vodafone, Optus and 3, as well as reseller networks like Virgin Mobile and Soul, can use this service as the application is mobile phone dependent, rather than network dependent. More mobile phones will be added each month to ensure the FOXTEL Mobile guide is compatible with all the latest and greatest handsets.

Do I have to be a Foxtel or Foxtel iQ subscriber to access the Mobile Foxtel Guide?
Anyone with a compatible 3G phone can access the Mobile FOXTEL Guide and its functionality including Reminder Alerts for programs. The REMOTE RECORD service is specific to FOXTEL iQ subscribers only.

Do I have to pay for the Mobile Foxtel Guide?
There is a small cost of 55c to SMS for the initial application download, plus any data charges from your network.4 REMOTE RECORD requests are not charged for while Reminder Alerts are charged to your mobile phone bill at 55c each. Data charges for accessing the Internet via your mobile and viewing the FOXTEL TV Guide application will vary based on your mobile carrier and individual data access plan.

Foxtel strongly recommends you speak with your sevice provider about the cost of using the mobile internet via your 3G phone. There will be no reference to FOXTEL on your mobile bill. The data usage attributed to the Mobile FOXTEL Guide will be included within your mobile data charges (along with internet surfing, email and various mobile applications).

How do I get the Mobile Foxtel Guide?
To download the Mobile FOXTEL Guide application simply visit and follow the step by step instructions. In order to use REMOTE RECORD you must first register for a username and password via the “TV Guide” link at The same username and password can be used for REMOTE RECORD via the FOXTEL website and via the mobile application.

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