Here come the finales

Get set for the end of your favourite shows.

We already have finale dates for Australian Story, Four Corners, Media Watch (all Nov 12), Foreign Correspondent (Nov 13), Catalyst (Nov 15) , New Tricks (Nov 17), Rain Shadow (Nov 18) and Spicks and Specks (Nov 21).

Now the final edition of Rove for the year will screen November 18. It will feature Jason Donovan, Ryan Shelton, Hamish and Andy and Operator Please. Vince Vaughn was also set to appear but has been advanced to November 11. Jerry Seinfeld who was originally scheduled to appear on Nov 11 is now confirmed for Nov 18.

TEN is yet to make an announcement for the 2008 plans for McManus whose contract is said to be up for renewal.

Elsewhere So You Think You Can Dance ends November 15 to be replaced the week after with 20 Richest Women in Entertainment. The last Australian Idol verdict is November 12 replaced with America’s Next Top Model on November 19. The Australian Idol final is set for November 25.

More ABC finales include New Inventors, At The Movies (both Nov 28), Difference of Opinion (Nov 29), The Collectors (Nov 30), The Librarians (Dec 5), Lateline (Dec 7),

Californication ends November 12 and Damages is set to end November 28.

The ratings season ends Saturday December 1.

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  1. Fast-tracking hasn’t been a complete waste of time. It has allowed networks to lift their share in the second part of the year and allowed viewers to enjoy shorter breaks.

    But it isn’t a perfect science. In the US there are always breaks during series. In Australia once a series starts it generally runs uninterrupted (well excepting TEN’s treatment with The Simpsons etc).

    With the writer’s strike Aus networks will be relieved they held off fasttracking everything.

    There was never any plan to fasttrack shows thru non-ratings seasons.

  2. So David, that means that even with the writers strike etc, shows like Heroes won’t be airing on aust.tv until Feb, which means the “Fast Tracking” will be, thrown out the window, as 7 will be a number of episodes behind the US, most likely?I know that 7 is about a week behind the US currently for Heroes, but it sounds like it is going to be further behind come Feb- therefor this excercise in “Fast Tracking” has been a waste of time, because I thought that the FTA channels were going to air these shows, even in Dec/Jan.

  3. Thanks for this David that’s really good. Do you know what the story is with all the ‘fast-tracked’ shows? Will they end when the ratings ends or will they continue over summer?

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