Idol producers play favourites?

Take this “story” with the due cynicism it deserves….

Australian Idol producers have been accused of playing favourites over suggestions that a backstage tantrum from Matt Corby wasn’t screened to the audience. Last week footage of Tarisai’s outburst was screened before she was eventually ejected from the show.

Today judges Kyle Sandilands, Mark Holden and radio co-host Jackie O discussed the use of the footage on the mobile-delivered ‘Inside Idol’ content.

“I’m not saying that (Matt’s) stuck up in any way but Mark actually saw him abuse the judges to the camera on the ‘Inside Idol’ thing,” Sandilands said.

When Jackie O called the selective editing as unfair Sandilands shut down the conversation says The Daily Telegraph.

Corby remains the bookies’ favourite to take out the title.

Source: Daily Telegraph

4 Responses

  1. Natalie Gauchi’s got it in the bag, as long as she doesn’t let the Foreman Retro Midday Show Band destroy here again like they did the other week.

    Corby looks like he’s had Doug Parkinson’s spider-moustache transplanted onto his forehead. Surely “the kids” don’t want THAT?

    Also, they’re obviously playing this one with Matt as the “talented but arrogant” one and Nat as the “freshly confident and funny” one. Going by the way they’ve done this in previous years I’d say the result’s once again already been decided 😉

  2. Was Hillsong rigging Idol to get 4 of their group in the top 7, plus a 5th one (Marty) who is also pentecostal? Or did Today Tonight rig Idol by making up such claims to get rid of certain participants.

    7th to go – Ben McKenzie
    6th – Daniel Misfud
    5th – Tarisai Vuche
    4th – Marty (not Hillsong)

    Perhaps Idol decided that 1 Hillsong person is allowed, in Matt. But it all looks very, very rigged.


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