Kyle: I want BB Uncut back

Big Brother Uncut (aka Adults Only) would return in 2008 if Kyle Sandilands had his way.

“I believe it is now coming back after Channel 10 got scared into taking it off this year. It definitely has a place on television. It’s a program I enjoyed watching.” he told news.com.au

Sandilands has signed a 3 year contract with TEN for Australian Idol and Big Brother (assuming it lasts that long). But he also wants his own chat show.

The only good news here is that he wants to shake up the casting of BB.

“It’s become a bit too much of a frat party,” he says.

“We all love looking at pretty girls and dopey surfers, but I would prefer to see an old lady in there who hates loud noise, parties and girls in bikinis.

“I want to see generations X, Y and the baby boomers all in there together to see how they interact.”

That’s something the rest of us have been screaming about for years!

Source: news.com.au

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  1. Can you imagine Gretel saying that?
    Finally a reason to love Kyle!

    The show definately needs a shake up, firstly in their housemate selection (more variety) and then secondly to stop bowing to pressure from people who would never watch the show anyway.

  2. Im confused !!! I thought Kyle was appointed as co-host of BB not the producer (which by the way isn’t Channel 10). Given his lack of TV hosting, I would have thought Kyle would be spending his time actually practicing how to host a live show instead of crapping on about the make up of the house. Maybe he is getting in early about complaining about the house mates to distract attention from his lacking TV skills

  3. Over the years I have never really loved BB, although I have found myself watching it.

    But now with Kyle ‘lowest common demoninator’ Sandilands involved it will mean that the viewer will have absolutely no respite from the generally juvenile, boarish and purile behaviour of the housemates.

    And while everyone complained about Gretel, at least some of the time she called the housemates on their crap.

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