Monster makeovers for Nine

TV Tonight understands Nine is developing a series entitled Monster House for 2008.*

Assuming this is the same series that has already aired in Australia on the How To Channel the series is another reality makeover show. A sort of Changing Rooms on steroids.

Home owners apply to have areas of their homes remodelled by a team of builders, generally who do not know one another. The owners choose a design theme (ie. Tropical House, 70s Disco House, Old English House etc) but no say in the design. They live out the front of the house in a caravan or recreational vehicle while construction takes part for a week. They must not peek at the process or they are penalised.

Prizes are awarded to the builders if they meet the deadline.

The show originally ran for three years on the US Discovery Channel.

Nine is already said to be premiering the restaurant reality shows The Chopping Block and Food Fight could this be overkill? 2008 is already shaping up as a big renovation year.

* UPDATE January 2008: It’s now clear that despite the same title as a show appearing on subscription TV, Nine’s Monster House is its “reality sitcom.” The show, which features Rebel Wilson, will incorporate both scripted and improvisation elements.

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  1. If The Farmer Wants A Wife can rate over 1 million then surely these shows will rate through the roof. Nice to see Nine proavtive after resting on their laurels for so long and gearing up for a big 2008.

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