NBC halts Heroes spin-off

One of Channel Seven’s hopes for 2008, Heroes: Origins may be a long way off.

NBC has shelved the 6 part series indefinitely.

Although it hasn’t been axed altogether, the spin-off, which is to also undergo a title change, has been halted while the impending Writer’s strike hovers over production.

As Variety reports, there may also now question marks over all NBC production commitments.

NBC is the network developing Kath and Kim. Could it be jeopardised?

The strike could become official at anytime, now the midnight deadline has passed. WGA officials have told writers to take home their personal belongings from offices. Both writer and producer divisions each blame the other for being stubborn.

Meanwhile NBC will also pause The Singing Bee over November to be replaced by The Biggest Loser.

Source: Variety.


  1. NBC is having yet anothe horrific season so suspending what they have in production at the moment and reviewing it probably is a good idea for them…they cant win a trick at the moment..

  2. I don’t think this seasons Heroes is that different from last seasons. Sure, there are too many characters and the plots are quite complicated, but the same could be said of last season. It’s not the same as when Desperate Housewives & Lost, which had outstanding first seasons, then had lackluster seconds. What I do like about Heroes this season is the brightness in colour compared to last seasons gloomy grey look. And it’s great that they’ve let Milo Ventimilgia have a shave. He’s a very Hot guy, who they uglied up a bit in the first season. I think we should be a little patient and see how the show develops.

  3. I REALLY enjoyed the first 3/4 of Heroes season 1. It went a little down hill at the end of S1 but nothing compared to the abomination that is season 2. As everyone is saying, WAY to many characters, too many repeat arcs of season 1, etc, etc.

    I wonder if this “halt” is more than just strike related?


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