Newsreader criticizes lack of audience contact

Adelaide newsreader Kelly Nestor has commented on news management practices that see local services hosted from interstate.

Nestor was TEN’s Adelaide newsreader, but located in Melbourne before defecting to the Nine Network located in Adelaide itself.

Her comments about isolation follow the death of Perth newsreader Charmaine Dragun who was located in Sydney.

“I feel very strongly about this,” Nestor told Adelaide Now.

“It’s a bad management decision to dislocate someone from their audience. You have no contact with your audience or connection with your community.

“You watch your colleagues in the office getting invites and you feel like a second-class citizen because no one knows in that city who you are.”

Details about Dragun’s struggle to adjust to life in Sydney are now emerging, and being discussed as contributing factors to her mood.

“She had issues. I’m not sure whether they were relationship problems, work problems or both,” said a former colleague and friend.

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  1. im so sad with what happened to charmaine and i barely ever saw her on tv. i wouldnt know her name if i saw her in the street, id just know id seen the face somewhere, but this story has deeply saddened me especially now that it seemed she was unhappy and no one did anything about it

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