O’Brien accepts bar apology

Kerry O’Brien has accepted an apology from the nightclub which ejected him on Friday night said The Australian.

O’Brien described the altercation at The Long Room saying, “I was totally in control of my faculties, having a private conversation with my son on a mobile phone where I moved out of a bar that was too loud to talk to him in, and obviously, I was minding my own business and was no threat to anybody. And suddenly I’m being frogmarched out of a building.”

The 7:30 Report presenter said he discussed the incident with the bar manager and the “overreaction” by the venue’s bouncer. “He apologised and then invited me back into the bar, and I went into the bar for another hour,” he said.

“If there’s a point to be made out of this, it’s once again about how well-prepared bouncers are to react properly to a range of unpredictable circumstances,” he said.

Source: The Australian.

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