Ray wants a chat show

Ray Martin has hopes for an evening chat show next year.

The longtime Nine presenter is reconsidering earlier thoughts of parting with the network after the return of David Gyngell as boss.

“If we were having this conversation and David wasn’t back, then I’d be saying, ‘I’m gone, I won’t be back next year’,” Martin told the Herald-Sun.

“That’s how important he is to me. To the network, he is hope. He is someone who knows and loves TV. He likes young people with ideas, but he respects the fact it’s a business where there’s no substitute for experience.”

Martin, who hosted Midday very successfully, certainly has the experience to host an evening show and given Bert Newton hasn’t been offered a Parkinson style show, maybe Saturday night with Ray is a good idea. The ABC has done very nicely targeting older viewers on Saturdays.

Could Ray be Nine’s ray of light?

Source: Herald-Sun

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  1. Ray is one of the best interviewers this side of Andrew Denton and a tonight style show would suit him nicely! Nine are certainly chockers with ideas and new shows for 2008. They are starting to make Seven in particular look stagnant and stale.

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