Returning: ER, Nip / Tuck, Hotel Babylon

Nine is returning ER, Nip / Tuck and Hotel Babylon to our screens over summer.

It will also air The Closer, Survivor: China, Till Death, Waking The Dead and vampire drama Moonlight, starring Aussie Alex O’Loughlin.

ER is set for an 8:30pm timeslot according to the Sunday Telegraph.

Last time we saw Nip / Tuck it was in the middle of the show’s riotous 3rd season with the mystery of The Carver stalker still hanging in the air. But Nine whipped it off without telling us the answer -and that was in non-ratings too.

In the US the show’s fifth series has just started.

Nine has also committed to the third series of Hotel Babylon.

TV Tonight will bring you airdates as soon as we have them!

Source: Sunday Telegraph

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  1. Great news about Survivor: China! My dilemma now is do I watch the season unfold week by week on Channel 9 or do I download the whole season and watch it over a week or so, as I did with the last season (I loved watching it that way, especially as I’d avoided all spoilers). Decisions, decisions….

  2. ^^
    Same here. I would be extremely surprised if TEN bought the rights to Outrageous Fortune. Frankly, I don’t see why they would even want to considering that they’re not even giving it a chance in primetime.

  3. Haven’t heard that one.

    Wouldn’t surprise me after Nine copped flak for potentially seeking to pass it off as local content under a Free Trade Agreement loophole. When the industry cried foul (technically it wasn’t) Nine said they wouldn’t submit it for local content points.

    It’s probably viewed as ancilliary to them now. If TEN has it be interested to see if they try the same trick.

  4. My hunch is yes.

    If you have managed to avoid finding out the identity of The Carver after all this time (well done!) you are in for a ripping ride!

    Series 3 is Nip’s best!

    TV Tonight won’t be printing any Carver spoilers.

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