Rove remembers Belinda

This week’s episode of Rove will be pre-recorded to allow the host time to mark the first anniversary of the death of Belinda Emmett.

The show will be recorded on Saturday morning, enabling Rove to fly to Perth to spend time with family.

A segment with Justin Timberlake was recorded on Tuesday.

Vince Vaughn and Missy Higgins are believed to have changed their schedules for the pre-record.

A final episode will follow the week after with Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Donovan. With the host yet to re-sign with TEN, could it be the final Rove?

Source and photo: Herald-Sun

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  1. All the talk about Rove going to the U.S is all manager talk, maybe to bump up his asking price from Channel 10. There would be no chance in hell that a U.S network would take on Rove as anything more than a stagehand, noone knows him at all in the states.

    But I do have to say watching the Australian Story about Belinda Emmett was heart breaking and have to give Rove some credit for being a caring person.

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