Satisfaction wins second series

Foxtel tonight launched Satisfaction, its most ambitious new Australian drama series since Love My Way.

The Showcase Channel kicked off the night by announcing a second season, to go into production mid-2008.

The provocative series set in an inner city brothel is sure to set tongues wagging with its candid, saucy scenes.

The plush event was attended by the leading cast including Diana Glenn (pictured), Madeleine West, Peta Sergeant and Alison Whyte. The South Melbourne nightclub that doubles as the ‘232’ brothel was also the site for tonight’s invite-only launch.

I chatted with former Neighbours star Madeline West who plays ‘Mel.’ In researching the role West spent quite a bit of time talking to sex workers and admits there were many stories that inspired her, some rather uplifting personal tales. She was also surprised at how professional the industry was. If there were drugs and seedy lifestyles, she admits she didn’t see them.

Satisfaction, which doesn’t hold back on full-frontal nudity, is produced by Roger Simpson and Andy Walker whose previous products have included Halifax fp, Stingers, Answered by Fire and Good Guys Bad Guys.

The ten part series launches in a 2 hour premiere Wednesday December 5 on Showcase.

Set in and around 232, an up-market city brothel, Satisfaction reveals the world of five high class escorts and their manager as they juggle the pressures of their private lives with their secret profession.

Satisfaction is an exploration of the relationships between these women: the bonds of friendship, the competition, the loyalty, the ruthlessness, the camaraderie. The stories are grounded and real – shocking, touching, funny, disturbing, intelligent and sexy. They are love stories with a twist – about strong women keeping themselves together when they’re giving so much of themselves away.

About friendships, family, lust and love Satisfaction is provocative and compelling, revealing, confronting and intoxicating.


  1. I watch on HBO this australian tv show uuuuu I like it so much

    hope u will make much more of this tv show
    from costa rica central america another fan

  2. you can buy satisfaction on series 1 on dvd, it was released last year, month or so before christmas. the store are re-releasing it for the 7th or 8th of may.

  3. i have been following the series from the start its comfortable to know that there is a nicer side to the stigmar of what really happens . i have been in and out of the sex working buisness for 10 years working in kings cross . thats the real side of the trade but to everyone watching this its a breath of fresh air and ill be following it all the way .what great acctresses we have in oz good luck 2 u all xx

  4. OHK!
    1st ov all Im only 18yrs Young n I have never been inspired n comftable with my personality slash sexuality since this Picasso( program) proadcasted for the very 1st time.. Im absoloutley obsessed with it!
    i literaly Recorded evry Episode to my Foxtel n i watch it ova n ova again!
    I’m teary eyed cause tht how much it means to me!

    Thankyou to the whole casr! I’m sooo very thankful! God bless u all u r amazing and I’m 100% supporter in everything u do!!


  5. This show is just wat the public needed to see. Im a working girl (my working name happens to be Chloe too) and i also have a child, my friends and family , by accitent, found out what im doing and have judged me . If more people could really know the truth maybe the f****d up stigmar we have would disapeir. luv and kisses Chloe xoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. I am a sex work in Melbourne, I really love the show but there are things that you don’t see in the show that can really happen in brothels. I would love to contact the show and tell them what goes on, I hope in the next season they address what happens when you have a rough client or if you are raped (which can and does happen) being a sex worker is not as easy as what it looks like on TV.
    But again I love the show and can’t wait for it to air again 🙂

  7. i love this show and i have seen the real side of this life,the show keeps me in suspense and intrigues me as well i cant wait for the second series im on the edge of my seat waiting ,the acctresses are amazing and i love the rooms .

  8. Satisfaction is my favourite TV show. I can’t wait for the second series to start – well done to the actors, producers, FOXTEL and all those involved for delivering a truly AWESOME piece of Australian drama…

  9. Watched the first two episodes last night. Very impressive, and a nice change to see sexworkers portrayed with real, normal lives rather than the sterotype ‘drug-addled tragic’ or the ‘hooker with the heart of gold.

  10. I was involved in the production of satisfaction and can tell you that it is going to be great viewing. The production standards are sumptuous, the characters are believeable and sympathetically played with a gritty realism that such a subject requires. Can’t wait to see it go to air.

  11. I absolutely cannot wait until “Satisfaction” starts. I think it’s very brave of the producers to make a series on prostitution not to mention neccessary. It sounds as if it will be an honest look at this hidden lifestyle rather than an attack on it.

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