Seven slaps injunction on Chaser

Two incidents, one in Sydney and another in Brisbane, saw the team from The Chaser questioned by police again yesterday.

Chas Licciardello and Andrew Hansen gatecrashed Channel Seven in Sydney yesterday, barging their way into the offices of Today Tonight.

The fracas led to “a feisty debate between Chas Licciardello and a Today Tonight reporter Bryan Seymour.”

The boys were recording a segment What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week for which Anna Coren cheerily participated. But when the crew was leaving, Seven detained the ABC boys.

“Before we knew it we were being detained, and we were told to hand over the footage, and all kinds of threats being made, said Licciardello. “But thankfully sanity prevailed and we left unharmed with our footage. But since then it seems like the action has continued.”

Seven has since won a court injunction preventing The Chaser from airing the footage, resulting in the comedy show prepping two different versions. “What we’ve done is that we’ve recorded two versions, one if we’re allowed to show the footage, and if we’re not allowed to show the footage,” he said.

According to the new Sunrise website, police were called and the ABC boys are also to be charged with trespass.

Seems a little foot-in-door interview wasn’t quite to TT’s liking.

Don’t be surprised to see both sides milk this for all its worth (not much).

Meanwhile, in Brisbane, three other Chaser crew members were detained by police. Craig Reucassel and two cameramen were held by police for the duration of the Liberals’ campaign launch, then released without charge. “We wanted to redecorate the stage a little bit and hopefully warm up the crowd,” Reucassel said.

Sources: Sunrise
Herald Sun

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  1. Seem Sunrise has pulled the story off their website.

    “Nice to see Anna has a sense of humour as well.”

    People who are prone to be targets of the Chaser seem to play along with them now. The Chaser used to get heaps of good, genuine responses from the people they prank – but now all they seem to get is fake, cheerful acting.

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