So who would Rudd turn gay for?

Kevin Rudd put in a sporting appearance tonight on Rove, after the PM has long avoided the show.

But it was McManus’ famous ‘$20 dollars in 20 seconds’ that had everyone in anticipation. Would he ask his final “Who would you turn gay for?”

Sure enough, he threw the question Kevin’s way. Rudd, who knew it was coming, pulled out a list and proceeded to thank all those who had emailed suggestions. There had been many names….

Dame Edna, considered Rudd, “but she said we couldn’t have a PM named Kevin.” Kel Knight, he then considered, had “style, sophistication and that unique power walk.” And he even thought about Pete Helliars’ own character, ‘Strauchnie.’ “He’s a genuine renaissance man,” Rudd noted. “Football, football, football and mullets.”

But in the end Rudd had only one answer.

“My wife Therese.”

“Is she a man?” asked Rove.

Ah well, at least he got into the spirit of it.

(and well done for the red ribbon too Rove. World AIDS Day is Dec 1.)


  1. I don’t understand why someone like Magda would have a problem with it? Seriously. Is she gay? Because the best way to put the red flag up is to refuse to answer it. Zac Efron didn’t answer it either which immediately made me jump to my own widely held conclusion.

    Kevin did an OK job, but Bob Brown was even better!

  2. I went to Rove being taped yesterdayHi David..I thought thatRudd backed out badly on “the gay’ question everybody wanted an answer to..probably he so wanted the Christian vote…..I thought he was a little nervous and not really relaxed..It was good Rove wore the Red Ribbon..
    Rudd and his son left as soon as the segment was recorded…I was hoping Rove would have asked Rudd about changing the anti gay laws that still exist , but he didn’t..apparantly Rove had a good conversation with Rudd before the show…Rudd said after the interview with Rove, that his son was a huge fan of Rove and was probably emailing him daily with questions to ask..he also said his son loved the segments where Rove sent his father up…eg..ear-wax eating episode..
    Rudd seemed more relaxed once the interview was over..
    Bob Brown was great and very relaxed

  3. Are you sure he didn’t ask Ian Thorpe? I seem to recall feeling awkward as he was leading up to the question and belive he said “Rove” without hesitation.

  4. The “Who would you turn straight for” to Bob Brown was priceless. Especially, Bob Brown’s reply – Missy Higgins

    BTW the reason why Magda Szubanski wasn’t asked the question is it was a condition of her appearing on the show

  5. Great job on the quick updates.

    I though Rudd put in a great performance too bad old johnny didn’t show up.

    I remember that Rove never asked Magda Szubanski either is there a pattern of people reluctant to jump out of that closet refusing to be asked?

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