Strike lands Prison Break in solitary

If you thought the US Writer’s Strike wasn’t having any immediate affect in Australia think again.

Seven had planned to screen new episodes of Prison Break through the summer season.

But with the strike putting question marks over all our favourite shows, Seven has had to re-think its summer programming.

A Seven spokesperson has confirmed it has had to put the show on ice specifically due to the WGA strike. It now looks set to air a final episode on Wednesday November 21.

UPDATE: Over at Nine they are less-stressed about the WGA strike. A spokesperson said, “Numerous US productions will be affected by the writers strike, however given most of Nine’s productions haven’t been fast-tracked, we believe there is currently no threat to the network’s programming opportunities for 2008.”

Meanwhile Leno And Letterman continue with another week of repeats on the Comedy Channel and TEN. Latest word is that they are considering returning next week, but possibly with guest hosts.

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  1. Comedy Channel seems to have given up on repeats of Leno, they normally don’t mind playing repeats. But as soon as the strike started last week, Comedy Channel dropped Jay Leno & Conan O’Brien and replaced them last week and this week with South Park & World Stands Up.

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