TEN denies subliminal ARIA ads

Blink and you would have missed some corporate logos during the 2007 ARIA Awards recently on TEN.

In fact even if you hadn’t blinked you might have missed them. And that’s what’s known as subliminal advertising, which is outlawed as an advertising form on Australian television.

But TEN managed to squeeze in a few plugs for advertisers who had sponsored specific awards. The snazzy editing meant their logos were included in lightning-fast title sequences ranging anywhere from one frame per second, to four frames per second, according to ninemsn.com.au. That’s 0.4 to 0.16 seconds.

“Claims that our ARIA‘s nominations packages included subliminal or near-subliminal advertising are incorrect,” said Margaret Fearn, TEN’s Head of Corporate Communications.

So far, TEN hasn’t received any complaints (well they wouldn’t if it was too quick for us to knowlingly see would they? Duh.) and if none are received ACMA is unlikely to act.

TEN says the logos were included in “rapid cut” editing common in music presentations.

You can see the original footage, and a slowed down version here.

Source: ninemsn.com.au

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  1. I’ve commented on this extensively over on the DTV Forum and won’t repeat myself here, but suffice to say:

    * Subliminal advertising is a myth,

    * Obviously this wasn’t all that “subliminal” if so many people noticed it,

    * That ridiculous (“brainwashing”??) NineMSN piece, anonymous commenter, was a typical beat-up by a rival network to score points – a rival network that happily runs scams on its viewers like Quizmania, The Mint etc,

    * People should perhaps think about the REAL issues with the commercial TV networks, and complain about those.

  2. This isn’t the first….

    If you watch the closing logo for the show Boston Legal, you will notice that the logo gets “Flashed” in your face repeatedly, and I hardly believe that this is to be blamed on some sort of glitch, or for that matter a typical computer generated effect as provided by the actual makers of Boston Legal,, but their are simpler things, like the theme music to Ten News is actually a rip off of the 5th Element ‘moving now with a mission’ music, (of course with a slight relaxation twist of the keyboard to end it off -bravo).

    …but if your going to get onto Liminal topics, here’s what the average viewer should be watching out for….

    A. Colour and it’s use
    B. Object size, orientation and relation to it’s environment (this case your plasma) and the time it’s their.
    C. Obvious Long-standing “Campaigns”…3AW anyone?

    …put it this way, if your still in dread locks, or have a funny aspiration to wearing leotards, and watching JTV or Kochie in the morning than it’s already too late for you… it don’t matter if it’s sub or real – it’s all liminal to the layman (hence why we’re all shoving buckets under our showers instead of protesting for new dams, or why now kids count black balloons instead of jumping on enclosed safety trampolines trying to skydive into the neighbours swimming pool —> and of course preparing the next generation to be liminal about everything –< Hillsong, in which the irony is clear, that I am typing about the arias.) …to those that have recently noticed an upsurge in “other” programming (eg. ,for simplicity sake, Ben & Teller’s BS show)… than you are the ones that need to be worried, the same tactics that have worked for the last 50 years didn’t work on you, the NEW tactics are being deployed for your pumpkin. The demographics that I feel sorry for are the elderly, the ones that have to watch their younger generations fall into a state ready to carve up for halloween…. terrorism anyone? –> the next war will be waged in the suburbs, by the people wearing veils, avoiding face rec cameras.
    (the 5th Element reality)

  3. Actually, anonymous two, the examples on the Ninemsn website did not even give it justice, I agree, they were far too obvious.

    Check out the Media Watch website for the original story. There’s a video copy of the segment. Those examples are far harder to see on first watching. It’s disgusting and Channel Ten’s excuse of “rapid cuts” is pathetic.

    Sad thing is, they’re going to get away with it because no one’s going to complain….

    Anyway, I’m off… For some reason I have this urge to go get some KFC followed by going to Big W to buy some Olay

  4. I noticed them, so it can’t of been to bad…

    I just took it as the way the package was put together. Like Big W was one of the sponsors, so in between some nominees was the Aria logo, between others was the Big W logo, no big deal.

  5. Well, I am amazed that after Media Watch exposed this on Monday no other media took it up! Until now, ninemsn has. It is ABSOLUTELY unforgivable to do it – and they HAVE done it. It is illegal for a reason!

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