This Life reunion

Before there brazen shows like Californication, Secret Life of Us or Queer as Folk there was This Life.

The BBC drama about the lives of law graduates had two series in 1996 and 1997

The show was up-front when it came to sex, drug taking and relationships.

In Australia it generated quite a buzz for viewers who could not resist the candid characters and their addictive personalities.

In January this year the BBC filmed This Life +10, an 80min reunion special, which will premiere on UK TV in December.

It has been put together by the show’s original creators and stars the original cast.

It was the relationship drama that captured the imagination of a whole generation of viewers. Featuring a group of twenty-something lawyers living in London, This Life broke new ground with its realistic portrayal of their lifestyle, including drug-taking and casual (and gay) sex. Now Miles, Anna, Warren , Egg and Milly are back, in a movie length reunion special starring the original cast. Ten years on, there have been big changes in the character’s lives. Egg has become a commercial success after writing a book based on their friendship, and a TV production company is keen to film the group’s reunion as they head off to Miles’ country retreat to catch up on the missed years one thing’s for certain, if it’s anything like the last time they met, sparks are bound to fly…

Stars: Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean and Coupling), Daniela Nardini (Festival and Quite Ugly One Morning), Jason Hughes (Killing Me Softly and Midsomer Murders), Andrew Lincoln (Teachers, Love Actually and Afterlife), Amita Dhiri (Judge John Deed and Silent Witness).

This Life +10 airs 8:30pm Sat December 15 on UKTV

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  1. i loved this show. i was in london when it was on both seasons so really appealed to me. anyway, i saw the reunion this year and it was terrible. i have no idea why the writers did what they did with it but i would not recomend anyone to see it. keep the memory of the great 2 series in your head and not the crap reunion.

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