TT vs Chaser: Round 4

This is the whiteboard with the names and phone numbers of crew members that were revealed by Today Tonight during Wednesday’s 15 minute story on The Chaser raid.

The contact details were there for all the world to see when Bryan Seymour took on Chas Licciardello in a lengthy Mexican stand-off. Seven obviously felt the exchange with Chas was worth disclosing the contact details of its production crew.

One freelance photographer said he had received four phone calls since the story aired. Radio station 2UE also phoned the numbers during a live talk show.

Meanwhile, Seven has managed to embarrass Anna Coren by referring to her as a “performer” in court documents. It seems the word “Journalist” seems to have evaded Seven’s management on this occasion.

Sources: Herald-Sun,
Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. TT milked it for all it was worth. 15 minutes uninterrupted for this story? And they claim to be upset by what happened, but really they were rubbing their hands together… I’ll be surprised if they don’t cling to this story for quite some time with frequesnt follow ups…

  2. Oh c’mon! TodayTonight. You can do better than that. You don’t have to go to the supreme court. You guys are taking it WAY to seriously!

    I’m a fan of the Chaser, and I think it’s funny to see them talk about the election and do dangerous stunts. I know you guys probably hate the Chaser, and thats dumb of you.

    They are entertaining people! LET THEM ENTERTAIN! Anna Coren and her segues are so funny! Keep up the good segues!

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