TV Bloggers join strike

TV Bloggers (yes my American counterparts) will strike today (Nov 13: USA) in support of the Writer’s Strike.

“As fellow writers and as TV fans, we are coming together to express our strong support for the writers and their goals. We believe that when a writer’s work makes money for a company, that writer deserves to be paid,” they claim.

The following TV Bloggers will be falling silent today in solidarity:

The CineManiac
Daemon’s TV
Ducky Does TV
Gabby Babble
Give Me My Remote
Glowy Box
I am a TV Junkie
The Media Pundit
Mikey Likes TV
Pass the Remote
The Pie Maker
Ramblings of a TV Whore
Seriously? OMG! WTF?
Silly Pipe Dreams
Tube Talk
The TV Addict
TV Series Finale
Watch with Intelligence

“After the blackout, we intend to continue our campaign to support the WGA until the dispute has been resolved fairly. Since we will not be posting any new content on the 13th, we encourage our readers to visit United Hollywood instead for frequent updates about the strike.”

TV Tonight supports the writers (isn’t it obvious from all the coverage?) but not being in the US of A this site can continue to bring rich, wholesome TV news to Aussie readers without crossing any picket lines.

Oi oi oi.

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  1. Actually I don’t even know half that lot.

    TV Tonight sources from a variety of online news, bloggers, press releases, guides, preview discs, amendments, even radio, in order to bring the widest possible coverage of what’s going on. And then there’s my own opinion for what its worth, obviously.

    Certainly with the Writer’s Strike I’ve been keeping track of US sites more as a way of bringing a digestible history to my readers.

  2. Yeah I thought about it, but in truth I didn’t know it was on until after the start time, and I’d been posting already. Plus it would be letting down, in a sense, Aussie shows with news. It’s an American issue really. If there was an international day of action, you bet I would!

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