Two new shows this weekend

A reminder that there are two new Aussie productions hitting our screens this weekend, but neither in high-profile timeslots.

Chandon Pictures is a new series on the Movie Extra channel.

The comedy is a spin-off from a Tropfest win by Rob Carlton and Alex Weinress. The series follows the misadventures of struggling video production company. It also features actors Josh Lawson, Darren Gilshenan and Rebecca Massey and guest stars will include Graeme Blundell, Angus Sampson, Peter Phelps and Justine Clarke.

It premieres Saturday at 6:30pm. The first ep can also be downloaded free at Movie Extra.

The second is the big-budget Animalia animation series based on the books by Graeme Base. Crafted on the Gold Coast and in Melbourne, the $20m series of 40 episodes will be translated into other languages and sold internationally.

It has received good reviews, but also criticism for the diappointing timeslot, 12 midday Sunday on TEN.


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  1. This is the first I’ve heard of Animalia. For once, Australia has produced what looks like a high quality CGI production and TEN dumps it in a MIDDAY WEEKEND timeslot. 😐 Shame on you, TEN!

    If it’s targeted specifically towards children, they could at least play it once a week on a weekday morning. Hell, it could even work on primetime following The Simpsons seeing as most of those animal-themed CGI movies tend to rate relatively well.

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