Un-Real World airs Sydney eps

Meet the cast of MTV’s The Real World: Sydney.

They are seven young Americans, 19 – 24yo, who spent 3 months sharing a waterfront apartment in from February to May.

In its 19th season, it was only the third time the US reality series has housed its annual cast outside of the US. The series is widely-viewed as a reality pioneer, and is MTV’s longest-running show.

Real World
observes young singles in a living and working environment, this series allocating its cast to work for Contiki Tours. Most of the series is driven by relationships, jealousy and flirting.

Dunbar, Cohutta, Isaac, Kelly-Anne, Paris, Trisha and Shauvon can been in the premiere ep “Say G’Day” Monday night on MTV. It’s followed by other wonderful frathouse-style titles like “Hittin’ the Hot Tub”, “Suddenly Single”, “Wet and Wild” and “Mardi Gras Mayhem.”

The series also came under industry fire for employing Aussie production crew members on Workplace Agreements, playing as little as $15 per hour while Americans were given higher MPPA rates.

Real World: Sydney premieres 8pm Monday on MTV.

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