WIN offers Electronic Program Guide

WIN Television has become the first commercial FTA broadcaster in Australia to offer viewers a free Electronic Program Guide (EPG).

WIN’s EPG is available 24-hours a day and contains up to eight days of program information. It is updated every 4 hours.

Viewers can see program name, description, time and date the program will air plus a classification. It requires either a set-top box (STB) or digital integrated television.

The EPG allows programming up to eight days ahead.

“WIN has always been at the forefront of the digital revolution as the first regional broadcaster on air with a high-definition channel”, Rod Hockey, General Manager of the WIN Network said.

“Attracting viewers to digital television is something we are dedicated to, and our EPG is another way WIN is adding extra value for our audience”.

Source: Australian Media

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  1. This is good to see, but from what I know, WIN don’t even offer WIN News in 16:4 in Queensland, ACT, Tasmania & South Australia… & pictures are transfered onto VIDEOTAPE for presentation!

    This should be a source of embarrisment.

  2. funny to read about Ten’s copyright on TV guides.. reminds me of a TV website some years ago (pre-2000) that had TV listings for all networks, except Seven, seemingly for the same reason Ten is citing now. Ten didn’t have a problem then it seems but now it does.

  3. I will tell Australian-Media.com.au about the error which is where it was sourced.

    Also networks sure do give a toss about guide copyright. Ever visited my Advance Guides section and wondered why TEN’s isn’t there? They ban any further publication. Yep. You read correctly.

    Despite other networks happy to have their guides re-publicised in this way TEN has banned TV Tonight from including theirs which it views as a breach of copyright. GO FIGURE.

    This is despite the fact the same info is freely available in TV Week, your local newspaper or other websites. GO FIGURE.

  4. Wow, WIN does something GOOD with digital for a change 🙂

    Kudos to them; hopefully (and especislaly since they’re sending out press releases about it) shame the capital city networks into giving viewers what everyone else in the world has taken for granted for years.

    By the way David, a slight correction. They’re not the “first free-to-air broadcaster” to offer a proper EPG; the ABC’s been doing that for a LONG time. They’re the first *commercial* broadcaster to do so on a national basis. Nine Perth, not owned by the cartels, has apparently been doing so since the start of digital TV.

    And “anonymous”, the “copyright” excuse is a total obfuscation. The networks don’t give a toss about “copyright” on their program guides, they simply are scared of the PVR-equipped future and are trying to stop it like the misguided, desperate fools they are.

  5. Now if only the other Australian networks followed WIN’s lead! I can’t belive the rest of the world get a proper EPG whilst we get stuck with crap due to networks claiming copyright on tv guides.

    I’m so sick and tired of having to consult a paper or website to find out what the heck I’m watching. Not to mention finding out what’s on the HD channel!

    Thank god 9 recently lost their court case of 9 against the ICETV EPG or we comsumers would suffer much longer.

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