Young Doctors being resuscitated?

Network TEN is believed to be looking at a contemporary version of The Young Doctors, the long-running serial that aired from 1976 to 1983.

FremantleMedia, formerly Grundys, had a big hit with the sexy soap when it was produced out of Nine Sydney. It starred such names as Cornelia Frances, Mark Holden, Delvene Delaney, Alan Dale and the late Gwen Plumb. Several cast members including Dale, recently appeared in a nostalgic reunion on Seven’s Where Are They Now?

TEN is understood to be looking at a 6pm timeslot for the series, and as Neighbours’ light continues to wane, the network certainly needs to invest in a second long-running soap -not just for ratings but to meet local content quotas.

Medical dramas, like police and legal shows, are the mainstay of serial television due to their ability to generate weekly stories in regular, studio-based sets. All three genres also deliver high stakes and heightened emotions. No doubt TEN is looking to the success of All Saints and Grey’s Anatomy. It looks ready to play doctors and nurses with some young sexy actors.

Source: news.com.au

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  1. I used to watch The Young Docors as a kid in the 70s. In the 90s I watched the New Zealand soap, Shortland Street,which was also made by Grunys/Freemantle when it aired on SBS ( yes, I was the one).Quite a few of the characters in this show seemed the same as those from The Young Docors, there was a Sister Scott clone, a playboy doctor and a more serious young doctor, the innocent nurse etc. I thought at the time it was like a remake of the Young Doctors.
    If this new show comes about, will it use the history of the previous show and feature some original characters 30 years on or will it be a remake ala Bionic Woman, which as I’ve said had already been done ala Shortland Street. Sister Scott is still out there in Soapland as Morag in Home & Away.

    For all those worried about there being another medical drama, it was always more a romantic drama and soap, rather than a serious medical drama.

  2. mmm, nothing to lose I guess, neightbours is dying a slow and painful death, only being kept alive by overseas investment..give this a shot..if it works, whack it in the 6.30pm slot and relegate neighbours to a daytime slot where it can air here and still rake in the $ from fremantle from overseas..

  3. Now THIS is interesting news!! I’m a huge fan of the old soapies and would definately watch a new version of The Young Doctors! Perhaps some of the old cast could have a recurring role? Not sure about 6pm,perhaps nightly at 7pm after Neighbours? Hope they keep the original theme song too..can hear it now..nu nu nu nu naaaa!

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